Merry Christmas

What a breath of fresh air
to say the words
Merry Christmas!

Look at this picture and tell me 
what's wrong with it?
(psst.. nothing.)

Look at this picture and tell me
what memories flash through your mind?

To those of you reading this post
 and were never a Jehovah's Witness
 you would not be able to find anything wrong with these pictures.

You former Jehovah's Witnesses
already know all to well what I am going to say.

What's wrong with the picture is
you couldn't color it.

What's wrong with the picture is
that when it was passed out
and all the Christmas festivities
 were just about to begin in your classroom
you were sent out to the hallway
or the library only to hear, the laughter
and the squeals of Christmas day arriving.

What's wrong with the picture is
when you looked at it
 the voice in your head reminded you
 "that coloring page was from Satan."

When you sat in that library
waiting to get called back in the room
like the school janitor or a student walking to the restroom
looking at you
"Why are you out here and not in the classroom?"

All I remember each and every year
each and every holiday
each and every birthday
 dropping my head and saying
"I can't. I'm not allowed."

What's wrong with the picture
is I never got to color one.

What's wrong with the picture
is that it represented
I never belonged.

What's wrong with the picture
is that it represented
I wasn't accepted.

What's wrong with the picture
is that I could never say to you
Merry Christmas!

But today I say with tears streaming down my face
Merry Christmas to you!

Christ came born of the virgin Mary.
By way of the Holy Spirit.
His coming is a
true labor of love.

Christ willingly came down
 to this earth
so that we may believe in Him.
Accepting Him
is the best gift you will ever open.
Receiving the gift of eternal life is the best gift ever.

Open your present of eternal life today
and be present with Him now and forever!

He is the reason I write this to you today.
He is the reason I breathe.
He is the reason I get up everyday.
He is the reason I am forgiven.
He is the reason I hold my head up.
He is the reason the only reason
I can say to you
Merry Christmas!
Thank you Jesus for being born.

 Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Jesus!


Each holiday season, brings different emotions.
Some years I'm focused and others not so much.
This is one of those not so much years.

As I began planning our Thanksgiving dinner and 
checking with each of the kids what favorite dishes they wanted on the table
 and which ones they would like to help prepare.

The feeling began to set in.

The frustrated, disappointed one.

The one where I am reminded
 that my children don't have grandparent houses to go too.
I don't bring a dish, I make the dishes.

The one where I am reminded
my family has been torn down to the 3rd and 4th generations.

But I buckle down and focus
on the things I am thankful for.

I am away from judgement. 
I am away from demands.
I am away and free to give Thanks.
I am no longer answering to man, I now answer to God.
I now
 am able to call, God; 
Mighty God
 Wonderful Counselor
 Everlasting Father
 Prince of Peace.
I stand in Truth today.

Instead I remind myself and focus not only on 
what I've been delivered from
but what I am being delivered too.


As we settle in for our Thanksgiving meal
I look around the table and of course I am blessed.
 Beyond all measure.
Above, over, and abundantly.


But no family.
No mother, no father, no brothers, no aunts or uncles, 
no cousins for my kids to connect with.

As the phone calls, e-mails, and Facebook messages come-in
  friends, and church family all ringing the same sound;
 "I know your busy running around, and so are we, but wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving."
I am blessed because they have thought of me.

They help keep me

As Thanksgiving ends and I begin the preparations for Christmas
I once again lose focus.
No houses or festive events to scurry to.
No grandparents
calling to say what can we get the kids.

See this cult destroys down into the generations.
It eats at the human psyche.
It leaves you frustrated, confused, and angry at times.
It makes you lose focus from time to time.
But see that's just what Satan wants
when your there he's got you.
Don't let him have this holiday season!
Take it back!
Each time I come around this corner, or hit this wall.
I am reminded to forgive and focus.
Forgive because that's what Christ did for me.
Focus on what is unseen and what is to come.

I know 
that my future grandchildren
 they will not have to experience what it's like to not have grandparents 
not at just the holidays, but all through out the year
 and for that I am thankful.

Be focused this holiday season.
Forgive that sister or brother.
That mom or dad.
Those past hurts.
Those past regrets.
Because you can.

Because it's what Christ did.
Christmas isn't Christmas
without Him.
Why do you think He came?

Focus and Forgive.

 Isaiah 9:6, Matthew 18:21-23, Luke 2, 2 Corinthians 4:18

It Is Only Now

They told me the shunning would help in bringing me back.
I was told shunning would bring me to repentance.
Repentance before man.

Of all the hard things
the worst
 is the shunning.

"For if I do not repent before man
then the congregation will shun you
along with family too."
"Forget the one wondering lost sheep
she has chosen to go her own way."
"Don't worry this will make her come back."

That ploy did not work on me.
Shunning pushed me further away.
Falling into all kinds of rebellion.

Wanting desperately to receive
just one look
just one word
 even a negative word
 just to get some sort of reaction
some sort of communication
some kind of response.

Nothing. Shunned.

By there shunning
  they believe they have won.
Believing they have the upper hand on me.
They are right and I am wrong.
They are
 "In the Truth"
and I am an apostate.

Truth be told;
For I can not be an apostate
 I was never told the Truth.

I can only be an apostate
 if I 
talk against, deny, or blaspheme
the Truth of
 my Lord and Saviour Jesus.

For that I have not done
for I did not know Him at that time. 

It Is Only Now
 that I have discovered
The Truth.

It Is Only Now
that I know
 I was chosen and set apart.

It Is Only Now
 that I understand
 that I would leave
 my mother and brothers to follow Christ.

 It Is Only Now 
that I believe
 with my entire
soul and spirit 
that I was brought to this place for 
God to show me 
that what they enemy meant for evil 
 God will make for good
the saving of many lives.

It Is Only Now
that I will never turn back and always go forward

because God picked me out as his from the very start.
  Think of it: included in God's original plan of salvation 
by the bond of faith in 

 now I take a firm stand
 feet on the ground
 and head high.  
Keeping a tight grip
 on what I've been taught
 Jesus himself and God the Father
 have reached out in love to me
with an unending help and confidence
put a fresh heart in me.

From this Living Truth I will never leave.

John 15:16, Luke 14:25-27, Genesis 50:20
2 Thessalonians 2:13-17-The Message Bible

Emotion, Memories, Questions, Love, and Hope

Every year for the past 14 years
I have woken up on
 November 6th
knowing that day will be a day filled with 

My heart tugs
 because I didn't put a sentiment in the paper 
and I didn't get out to my dad's grave.

I'm bewildered
 because just 4 days after that on the 10th
 I will be thinking about
 my eldest brothers passing just 4 years ago.

I want to call my mom
but life from her perspective
I am disfellowshipped
I am an appostate.
No longer in touch no contact.

It astonishes me
 the emotion
 and questions
that come with being raised in a cult.
Especially ones regarding death.
Heaven and Hell.

I don't sit there long in the 
emotions and questions.
Instead I embrace
the memories 
and the love.

There are many memories
 I can draw upon as a child regarding family
 times that were good.
I didn't know any different, so all was good.
We loved the way we were taught to love.
So it seemed o.k. 
It seemed normal.
We had our family banter and sarcasm's.
We had our nick-names and share of family dramas.

When dad passed 
 all the chaos that surrounded that event
Jehovah Witnesses stepping in and pushing aside family.
Brother fighting against brother
wanting dad's things.
Claiming it each as his own.

In those moments
I quietly slipped into the entry way
 from the garage to the house
and grabbed one of my dad's flannels. 
The one I remember him in all the time.
It is blue and red.
He wore it to the hospital the day I had Chelsea.
He wore it every time I went to the house.
He had it on every time I hugged him.

I can go to it today and in some
mysterious way
it still holds his scent.
I love you Dad!

When the time came
 that my oldest brother passed.
The same chaos's rose up once again.

This time I was sad in a different way.
I didn't know my brother.
We were 16 years apart.
He the oldest brother out of 5.
And me the 6th. The baby girl.

He was married and out of the house
before memories came into play.
But on that sad day as we laid him to rest
family sat and talked and reminisced.
I was told in those moments
how much he talked about me 
through out his life.
His baby sister-Tweety.

My nick name given to me by him.
How he loved to take me as a baby
 and buy me pretty dresses and dress me up.
How he loved his baby sister.
Things I never knew until it was to late.
I love you Randy!

It was too late because a cult has ripped our family to pieces.

And all the love I have
 and want to give
May never be expressed.
May never be relayed in a way I would so love to give it.

But there is always hope.
And that is what I hang on to each and everyday.

But By God!

But by God
 and it is only through him 
his love 
his mercy
 his grace

that I love!

We Will All Confess and Give Account

You deny Him now.
What makes you think 
when you are on your death bed
 you will cry out and accept Him then?
Do you really think
 it will easier then
 when your dying?

Why do you wait?
Why do you wait for the end?
 The most devastating time in your entire life.
Why do you say, I'll leave it up for chance?
 When quite frankly now 
your life is devastating to you.
You are dying a slow death even now.
   You live a life of confusion and pain
you're just hoping it will all go away
 like a puff of smoke in the air.

 Hope or chance
 you don't have either 
if you don't take a chance.
 Take a chance
 a step
 towards Christ this time around.

The only One who can save you
 and give you
 a true hope
 for the right now
   and a hope for the future.
 It's found only in Jesus
 He is your only Savior.

You look for more around every corner
search for something to pass the time
 always seeking to fill the void.
Why not give Christ a try, you've got nothing to lose.
  You've got everything to gain.

What is it?
 The unknown?
I get that!

I guarantee you
 The fear
it will be gone the moment you believe.
 The unknown
 will now be known.
 your almost there. 
Take a bow now, don't wait until it's to late.
You've filled your life 
with anything and everything 
you can possibly get your hands on.
You've been told over and over
 time and time again 
 you can't take it with you. 

Take Christ with you.

you want to try to convince me
 that it will be easier on that day 
when you come face to face with Him
 that it will be easier to accept Him.
You really have that much strength and confidence in yourself
to fall for that trick too?

What makes you think you can 
accept Him as Jehovah
 and not as LORD ALMIGHTY Jesus
 ruler and savior over all?
You're telling me
you get to pick and choose what Deity you like best?
You get to deny and accept what you want.
You know what, I guess you do.
You have been given free will
and you are exercising it
ever so self righteously.

Have you ever been in a court room and observed a judgment passed down
  and the consequence was in part just.
   Should the sentence have been more?
You got off, easier.
  Easier than the laws that are set.
God is a just God.
Judgement Day will come.

Why not hand it all over today. 
 sinful thing 
you are indeed guilty of
 and let Him
 forgive it and redeem it.

Don't wait for judgement day.
Let Him
 make it for good
now, today, and in the days ahead
for all eternity.

Watch, wait, look, and see
 what he can do with that heap of garbage.
He's known for making beauty from ashes.

I stand and live and breath
 that very truth
 that very miracle
 then drop to my knees 
in great thanksgiving
 because He is merciful and just.

We will all confess and give an account.
 Romans 14:11-12.

Sleepless Nights

As the pinks and purples rise in the east
 I blink and realize I am given one more day.

Each blink I blink
each stretch I take
 I am reminded of the night.
  The night I seem to have over and over
 but lately more recently.

Today is a day I don't have the strength.
The strength to process the night
 and forgive yet again.
If only they would see I still love them
and after nights like this
 wondering if I could ever be loved.

When all I've ever heard is that your not worth
 anything or enough.
Not enough to hang on to
not  enough to want to talk to me
not enough to do things with me.

Shunned for another year.
Those years have turned into a decade
 for some
 and with others two.

If they truly saw my heart
they would see the love I have for them
 is just a pinch
 of the kind of love
they have been searching for all their life.

 Yet I'm held at arms length.

The love I have and want to give
 will forever be there 
waiting to burst forth 
and spill over at just a look.
The words don't even have to be spoken. 
 I'll know by the look.

But I do find the strength.
The strength to get up.
The strength to forgive.
The strength to continue this path I'm on.

I'm not really sure
 how I finally ended up
 on the right side of the road this time.

 But I like it here.
In fact I love it here, and wouldn't trade it for anything.
A road where grace and mercy abound even in my weakest moments.

I will continue to stand
 and wave my white flag

and surrender
 to the only
 I know will win the battle for me.
 And when I can't
I know who I can call on to help continue the battle
with me.

I will stand until the sunsets yet again

 and pray that I will be granted one more day
 to continue what God has started in me.
The LORD our Banner.

Philippians 4:13
Exodus 17:8-16
Jeremiah 29:11
Philippians 1:6

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"Although many people can contribute
 to the process of creating a significant purpose;
it is a child's parents that carry the greatest
potential for influence.
Dr. Tim Kimmel- Grace Based Parenting

As I sit yet again through the 10 week study of 
Grace Based Parenting.
(Yes my second time! I desperately need it!)
My thoughts turn toward not my parenting this time;
but toward the way my parents were with me
growing up.

Reflecting. Processing. Wondering.

"It is a child's parents that carry 
the greatest potential for influence."

I believe this statement.

Sure I could go down the laundry list of bads
 and not so goods.

However this time in my thinking, I reflect on the good.

First and foremost you must understand my mom.
Her thoughts
Her eyes
Her love
Her ears
are all veiled.

She does not know.

So as she sits in her winged back chair
and studies 
and underlines
and reads
and prays.

She does not know.

She does not know
 the severity of the loss.

She does only what she is told.

She does not know
What a Savior is
Who the Savior is.

She did the best she could, with what she has been told,
and sadly
with what she has forever believed in
the Jehovah Witness Organization.

She has studied over pages of magazines and books
for 45 + years now.

One thing she influenced me in
was reading the bible.
Even though what she is reading is false.

The principle of
The impact of
reading her bible daily
has been the biggest influence in my life.

So even today as this long journey continues and we are separated.
I can stand and give honor to my mom 
for the influence
that came from her.

And this also
She does not know.

So take the bad and let God make it for good.
Genesis 50:20

Honor your father and mother.
Ephesians 6:2

The Meaning of a Pink Rose:
Appreciation. "Thank you", Grace, Admiration

Thank you Mom.


When I was asked to share with a group of girls,
"What does it look like to forgive yourself?"
The first word that came to mind 

I knew that in my life journey of forgiving
myself and others
I knew I needed to believe something 
different than what I was currently 

When you've spent the greater part of your years
in a valley or you've descended
down into a pit
you become conditioned to 
and believe 
that place.
We take residence up in it and call it home.

You decorate it just so
 to distract you 
from the pain
from the hurt.

You take it on 
as truth
as life
or like I've said many times
"This is the life I've been given, my lot in life, so live with it
make the most of it."

But then I heard a whisper.
A voice I didn't know, but wanted to.
A voice I longed to hear, now present.
It told me "I was believing a lie."
It told me "I was believing what others said about me."
It told me "It wasn't my fault."
It told me "This is NOT my lot in life."
It told me "To believe something new, something true."
It told me that I needed
 "to take my thoughts captive and bring them to this voice."

Who are you?

This whisper, this voice
was strong but gentle
was deep but heavenly.
He told me I needed
"To demolish all this chaos in my mind."
He told me I needed
"To not worry about anything, instead pray to Me about everything."
He told me
"Let Me transform you into a new person by changing the way you think."
He told me
"Think about things that are wonderful, true, honorable, right, pure, lovely, and admirable.
Because this is what I think of you Melissa."
He told me
"Trust me from the bottom of your heart, don't try to figure out everything on your own.  
Listen for My voice in everything you do, everywhere you go; I'm the one who will keep you on track.
Don't assume that you know it all.  Run to God, Me, your Father in heaven!
 Run from Evil!

Dear Child of Mine
I want you to say these very words

I am

Violently on


You are my child and I never meant any harm to come upon you.
What the enemy meant for evil, I will make for good.

"There comes a time to drive a stake in the ground
 and lay claim to 
one life 
one focused goal
one God."

 Choose to 

2 Corinthians 10:5-NIV
Philippians 4:6-NLT
Romans 12:2-NLT
Philippians 4:8-NLT
Proverbs 3:5-7-The Message Bible
"Beth Moore Quote"

NIV-New International Version
NLT-New Living Translation

"Not for Us"

Do you remember reading through The Watchtower and Awake and when scripture was referenced;  being told
"But that's not for us."
Do the words
"Those verses were meant for bible times, not for today."
What about
"But we obey this, and follow that because it's in scripture."

It was always so confusing for me
 to remember
what parts of the bible were for me
and what parts weren't.
I remember my bible being more of a reference book
 that I went to on occasion.
I remember sitting at the dining room table
preparing my talks for Thursday nights.
I had all my concordances out
my Reasoning from the Scriptures book out
 studying those books, but never really looking into the bible.

Fast Forward 20 years..........

For the word of God is quick, and powerful...
When the scales fell from my eyes
and the veil was torn before me
God's word flooded me, it came quick.
It was so powerful it moved me
literally to my feet,
and to my knees.
As I went to an old copy of the Reasoning from the Scriptures book.
There it was.
All of it.
The re-wording, and the deleted words.
God's word came and pierced me, it divided everything I had ever known.

Sure the letters that Paul wrote to the Church in Corinth (the Corinthians)
 the Church of Ephesus (Ephesians).
Sure that's who he was writing to.
But God in his infinite being
was giving these words to ALL of us, for the past 2000 + years!
The Word of God is eternal!

"Sure Paul had his audience, but God had a whole lot bigger audience."*1

ALL the words in the bible are for me and for you!
Not a selected few.  We all have the right to know "The Truth."
See I cried out to the Lord, in my anguish and in my confusion and He
sent forth his Word and healed me.

"Trying to simplify the infinite? You will never have authority over the Word of God."*2

I can't believe there was a point in my life
 where I believed that I knew every single thing God knew, and what He meant.

 That I had authority to tell you;
"Just the way it is."
I had Jehovah figured out.
To a T.
Down to a science.
I was always ready for the ping pong game you would throw at me.

No more.
 Please forgive me for my arrogance.
Please forgive me once again for my self-righteousness.
Please forgive me for telling you "The Lie" and not "The Truth."

However today
 I know:
All authority is directed and given only by the Holy Spirit.

I know:
I am a child of God.

I know:

There is in store for me
a crown of righteousness which the Lord will award me, the righteous Judge.
Not man!

Let me ask you:

If "Not for Us?"
 If "Not for You?"
If "Not for Me?"
Then for who?

Believe His Word!

Hebrews 4:12  Psalm 107:20
Psalm 119:89  Isaiah 40:8  1 Peter 1:25
Romans 13:1  1 Thessalonians 5:5   2 Timothy 4:8

*1Quote-from Beth Moore
*2 Quote-from Beth Moore

Leaving Your Family Behind

What does yours look like?
 Is the relationship good, thriving, and growing?
Sure we all have our issues.
 I'm not talking about those petty trivial things.
  You wish your brother wouldn't do that. 
you wish the grandparents would take the grandkids more. 
 You've told them over and over but they just don't get it, they just don't listen.

Controlling or caring 
only you can say where your heart is truly at.
For me it's always a little of both.

Have you ever said, 
"Well you can pick your friends but you can't pick your family."
I know I have.  
Have you ever rejected your family, walked away from it all?
Have you ever said; 
 "I should divorce my family." 
Guilty, I've said that too.
You know all those things I've ever spoken, were out of anger, were out of hurt, and frustration.
It still didn't make it right or o.k. for me to say it.

What if you were being drawn by God to follow Him and leave your family behind.
Could you do it? Would you do it?

There comes a day when God begins to reveal truth to you.
  You are at a crossroads.
  You have just woken up to the very truth that all you have ever known is a lie.
  You come face to face with God and you cry out;
 I want to leave the organization, but I don't want to leave my family.
Why can't they see
Why won't they listen
 Why can't they understand 
what I am trying to show them?
 I love my family.
 Why can't they love me that same way and just accept me!
 I know they will disown me and shun me, who can bear that. I don't think I can!


God told Abram;
"Leave your country, your relatives, and your father's family, and go to the land I will show you."

Is God calling you?
Jesus told us; "that a brother will betray his brother to death, a father will betray his own child...
And all nations will hate you because you are my followers.  But everyone who endures until the end will be saved."

Ok Lord, I give up my family, then what?
Jesus said;
"Everyone who has given up houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or property, for my sake, will receive a hundred times as much in return and will inherit eternal life." 

Again Lord, let me get things all situated.
 Let me figure out how I'm going to do this.
 What I'm going say. Let me go back and do what I need to do. 
 I have to it's required.
Let me say good-bye, and then I'll follow you.
Jesus said;
"No one, after putting his hand to the plow and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God."

Ok Lord I have a lot at stack here.
You do He said, but what is the greater of the two your family or your life?
I do want to follow you, I really do but...
Jesus said;
"If people come to me and are not ready to abandon their fathers, mothers, wives, children, brothers, and sisters, as well as their own lives, they cannot be my disciples.

So those who do not carry their crosses and follow me cannot be my disciples."
"But don't begin until you count the cost.
For who would begin construction of a building without first calculating the cost
to see if there is enough money to finish it?"

"If you love me, you will obey what I command."

Lord, you're allowing me to exercise my free will.
Your letting me make the choice.

You want me. Your calling me.
Now I have to decide.
You love me?
Even after all...
Even after all I've done?
Even after falling and believing the lie?
Yes, all who are hungry receive my grace.
You're loving me, even before I decide.
Obey me and honor your family.
I am Jehovah Nissi your battle fighter, you only need be still.

Precious one:
There is one that sticks closer than a brother.  His name is Jesus.
Love Him with all your your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.

Even though the journey is long, and it will be hard.
Jesus will see you through it all.

Genesis 12:1, Matthew 10:21-22, Matthew 19:29-NLT
Luke 9:62-NASB Luke 14:26-27 GWT Luke 14:28 NLT
John 14:15-NIV 1 John 4:19 NIV
Matthew 19:19-Ephesians 6:2
Exodus 14:14
Proverbs 18:24
Matthew 22:37


There was a time in my life 
that I was fully convinced I had all the answers.
Of course by all means
 it wasn't a pride thing, I just knew
 and you didn't.
I knew how to
 teach you
 tell you
 and train you
 on how to become one of God's chosen ones.
I had it ALL figured out!
a system
 a process
a working to get your way in.
 through process of elimination.
By way of not questioning the answers given to me by man.

I knew that when you stumped me on a question
 that I didn't have the answer,
I wrote you off as 
 A lost cause.
"We'll see who wins in the end."

What arrogance I once had. 
 What pride. 
What righteousness. Self righteousness.

Reasoning conducted or assessed according to strict principles of validity.

I have always earned for greater knowledge. 
 I have always wanted an answer for everything.
Life was logical. 
Relationships were logical.
 God was logical.

Oh but God...

I like Nicodemus tried ever so hard to come to know Christ through logic, through human reasoning, through past beliefs, through process of elimination.

"Rabbi, we know that You have come from God as a teacher; for no one can do these signs that You do unless God is with him." John 3:2-ESV English Standard Version
Makes Sense.

Coming to God based off of what I know to be "truth."
Coming to God in my way, 
when I have everything sorted out.
Coming to God when I have all my knowledge put together.
All my ducks in a row.

I had a lifetime of old beliefs "logic"keeping me stuck and stagnant.
Hence, why I sat in limbo for 13 years!
I kept trying to understand through my mind
my eyes
my strength 
and my will.

Coming face to face with the question
"Do I believe Jesus was God?" "Do I believe Jesus is God?"
As I searched and read through scripture, that's all that would ever come up.
Everywhere I turned it was that one daunting question.

When I was all out of logic and ready to lose my mind
it was then that I slid my mind aside
and slide my heart in place 
and by faith not fully understanding believed.

Believed in 
Jesus as God!
When logic comes in...
  I tell myself
"By faith"...

"By FAITH"...
Not by a system, not by works, BUT BY FAITH!

God saved you (me) by his grace when you (I) believed.  And you (I) can't take credit for this; it is a gift from God.  Salvation is not a reward for the good things we (I) have done, so none of us (I) can boast about it.  Ephesians 2:8-9 NLT (me, and I-my additions)


The Little Mermaid

Ariel in the movie The Little Mermaid,
 her and I  have similar story lines.
The only difference Arial's story is just that a story.
Mine is reality.

In her world, under the sea, was normal.
In her world, under the sea, she had her family.
In her world, under the sea, she had it all.

All, so she was told.

In my world, as a Jehovah's Witness, was normal.
In my world, as a Jehovah's Witness, I had my family.
In my world, as a Jehovah's Witness, I had it all.

All, so I was told.

Ariel, she took a chance and looked above, she looked beyond her boundaries and discovered what she was told was a forbidden world. A forbidden world above the sea.

That world. Those humans, they will hurt you, they won't understand.
 You will have no part of that world!
 She was told.

Ariel wanted more!
I wanted more!

What would Ariel give? What would Ariel pay?
 What would Ariel do? To be apart of a that world?
That world above the sea.

What would I give, what would I pay,
 what would I do, to be apart of that world?
The world right outside my window.
You don't get to far, when your friends, your activities, 
your total being and existance is decided for you.

Oh, the times I sat and wondered, when is it my turn?
My turn to experience what I feel so pulled to do.
Oh, the times I wished I could be apart of that world.

Easy? No
Confusing? Yes
Answers? Soon

You make an informed decision, 
a choice, and you don't look back.
If you want to move forward. You can't look back.
Lot's wife looked back. Genesis 19:26

Determined? Yes.
Courageous? Absolutely!
Willing? Yes.
Glad I did? Absolutely! 

Going above and beyond.
Coming up for air, 
and breathing my first breath in a new world.

Those humans in that world that was cut off from me, the ones Ariel and I were told would hurt you and will never understand.  That world we were told we would never be allowed to be apart of.

We became apart of it.
We risked, and went forward.
We entered a world we knew very little about.

In our journeys...
Aerial found love in a prince named Erik.

I found love in a King named Jesus.
He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. 
 1 Timothy 6:15, Revelation 19:16

I've let God transform me into a new person by changing the way I think.
Romans 12:2.

Come be a part of a world
 where you are 
No longer wishing you could be
part of that world.

What would you give if you could live out of the chains of rules and dictations?
What would you pay to spend a day, knowing you are forgiven by grace and not works?
Ephesians 2;8,9

When will you be ready to stand?
Ready to know what the people know.
Ask God the questions and get the answers from Him and not man.
I had my turn.
When will it be your turn?

*Part of Your World 
The Little Mermaid
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**All Images taken from Google Images