Merry Christmas

What a breath of fresh air
to say the words
Merry Christmas!

Look at this picture and tell me 
what's wrong with it?
(psst.. nothing.)

Look at this picture and tell me
what memories flash through your mind?

To those of you reading this post
 and were never a Jehovah's Witness
 you would not be able to find anything wrong with these pictures.

You former Jehovah's Witnesses
already know all to well what I am going to say.

What's wrong with the picture is
you couldn't color it.

What's wrong with the picture is
that when it was passed out
and all the Christmas festivities
 were just about to begin in your classroom
you were sent out to the hallway
or the library only to hear, the laughter
and the squeals of Christmas day arriving.

What's wrong with the picture is
when you looked at it
 the voice in your head reminded you
 "that coloring page was from Satan."

When you sat in that library
waiting to get called back in the room
like the school janitor or a student walking to the restroom
looking at you
"Why are you out here and not in the classroom?"

All I remember each and every year
each and every holiday
each and every birthday
 dropping my head and saying
"I can't. I'm not allowed."

What's wrong with the picture
is I never got to color one.

What's wrong with the picture
is that it represented
I never belonged.

What's wrong with the picture
is that it represented
I wasn't accepted.

What's wrong with the picture
is that I could never say to you
Merry Christmas!

But today I say with tears streaming down my face
Merry Christmas to you!

Christ came born of the virgin Mary.
By way of the Holy Spirit.
His coming is a
true labor of love.

Christ willingly came down
 to this earth
so that we may believe in Him.
Accepting Him
is the best gift you will ever open.
Receiving the gift of eternal life is the best gift ever.

Open your present of eternal life today
and be present with Him now and forever!

He is the reason I write this to you today.
He is the reason I breathe.
He is the reason I get up everyday.
He is the reason I am forgiven.
He is the reason I hold my head up.
He is the reason the only reason
I can say to you
Merry Christmas!
Thank you Jesus for being born.

 Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Jesus!


Each holiday season, brings different emotions.
Some years I'm focused and others not so much.
This is one of those not so much years.

As I began planning our Thanksgiving dinner and 
checking with each of the kids what favorite dishes they wanted on the table
 and which ones they would like to help prepare.

The feeling began to set in.

The frustrated, disappointed one.

The one where I am reminded
 that my children don't have grandparent houses to go too.
I don't bring a dish, I make the dishes.

The one where I am reminded
my family has been torn down to the 3rd and 4th generations.

But I buckle down and focus
on the things I am thankful for.

I am away from judgement. 
I am away from demands.
I am away and free to give Thanks.
I am no longer answering to man, I now answer to God.
I now
 am able to call, God; 
Mighty God
 Wonderful Counselor
 Everlasting Father
 Prince of Peace.
I stand in Truth today.

Instead I remind myself and focus not only on 
what I've been delivered from
but what I am being delivered too.


As we settle in for our Thanksgiving meal
I look around the table and of course I am blessed.
 Beyond all measure.
Above, over, and abundantly.


But no family.
No mother, no father, no brothers, no aunts or uncles, 
no cousins for my kids to connect with.

As the phone calls, e-mails, and Facebook messages come-in
  friends, and church family all ringing the same sound;
 "I know your busy running around, and so are we, but wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving."
I am blessed because they have thought of me.

They help keep me

As Thanksgiving ends and I begin the preparations for Christmas
I once again lose focus.
No houses or festive events to scurry to.
No grandparents
calling to say what can we get the kids.

See this cult destroys down into the generations.
It eats at the human psyche.
It leaves you frustrated, confused, and angry at times.
It makes you lose focus from time to time.
But see that's just what Satan wants
when your there he's got you.
Don't let him have this holiday season!
Take it back!
Each time I come around this corner, or hit this wall.
I am reminded to forgive and focus.
Forgive because that's what Christ did for me.
Focus on what is unseen and what is to come.

I know 
that my future grandchildren
 they will not have to experience what it's like to not have grandparents 
not at just the holidays, but all through out the year
 and for that I am thankful.

Be focused this holiday season.
Forgive that sister or brother.
That mom or dad.
Those past hurts.
Those past regrets.
Because you can.

Because it's what Christ did.
Christmas isn't Christmas
without Him.
Why do you think He came?

Focus and Forgive.

 Isaiah 9:6, Matthew 18:21-23, Luke 2, 2 Corinthians 4:18