How Do You Do It?

As a mother to Five
I get asked quite often
"How do you do it ?"

People are watching
People are looking
People are observing

What I do
day in and out
is "normal" to me.

I don't feel that
I do anything different
than what may be the "norm."

My "norm" growing up
was going door to door
witnessing to people
trying to tell them how they are on the wrong side.

The wrong side of how to do things.
The wrong side of life.
The wrong side of God.
That was the "norm" then.

I was use to being watched, observed, looked upon
For error
 how I'm not doing it
 "quite right."

So for me to think about people watching how I parent, or run my house 
"doing it all" shouldn't come as a surprise, but it does.

Is there something I'm not sharing?
Do I have a "Secret weapon in my back pocket?"
Is it "Top Secret and Confidential?"
Could I just "Let the cat out of the bag?"


But only this once...

This is what works for me
My Bible and My Coffee !

Can Anything Good Come From Nazareth?

Hello readers of Veracity.
It has been over one month since we last connected.
Thank you for always checking back to see what is going on here at Veracity.

I can't say I've been busy 
I won't use that excuse.
If I may be completely honest with you
I would have to say I have been
like Jacob.
Wrestling with God. 

Interesting how my oldest son Isaac
joined wrestling for the first time this year.
It was a short season, lasting of about  3 months.
It was a long and hard season on mommy (me).
A different long and hard season on him.

Jacob wrestled with God.
Jacob's name was changed to Israel
because "he had struggled with God and with humans
and had overcome. " *

I know that you have struggled just like I have
with God and humans, but have we overcome?

This is what I have been seeking God in this past month.
Have I overcome?
"Can Anything Good Come From Nazareth?" *

Lord, Can anything good 
come from being raised as a Jehovah's Witness?

At times throughout my life
I would have been the first to say no.
Again being honest at times, there are days
 my thoughts sometimes go to no.

I would never speak it out loud.
I will not give voice to such a lie.
But those thoughts do come to mind.

We all have a purpose.
We all have a voice.
We all have an opportunity
to make right what was wrong.

The good that came out of the wrong
was me finding Christ.

The good that came out of the wrong
is my heavenly hope with Christ.

The good that came out of the wrong
is I am saved by faith and not works. *

The good that came out of the wrong
is that I have been adopted into a family
God's family. *
A family that wants me, for me.
A family that loves and does not reject.

Look for the good.
Seek out the good.
Ask God about the good.

And He will say, and I can say
just like Philip
"Come and see!" *

You will see Jesus if you believe. *
You will overcome
 because Christ has overcome the world. *

* Genesis 32:28, John 1:46, Ephesians 2:8, Galatians 4:4-6, John 1:49-51, John 16:33