Just a Little While Longer

How can you snap a photo of a rainbow?
Avoid the Creator?

How can you carry a baby in your womb?
Deny the Maker?

How can you go on vacation?
the water is aqua and the sand is white
Deny His majestic works?

Are you right about now saying:
"Oh wait hold on now, I believe there is a God?"
then out of the other side of your mouth say:
"I don't want to talk about God, there are some things I just don't want to talk about, or discuss."

You know, you are only able to discuss, because of the mouth you were given,
 and you only have that voice to make that statement because of what you've been given.
 A mouth and voice given by God, your maker.

How come it's ok to push Him aside day after day, 
time and time again?
What do you do when push comes to shove?
Like when your spouse tells you he's going to leave you
 or the diagnosis you just received about your child's  health?

 Is that when you turn from avoidance to some sort of acceptance?

Why do we turn our back on Him?

He doesn't do that to us.
When those emergencies come,
 He's right there waiting, hearing, listening and answering.

My mind wanders...
Why should He?
 Come through with an answer, when all I do is turn my back and walk the other way.
Why because He's overflowing with grace, and mercy, and love, and hope
 and... and... and...
It's what He does. It's what He is all about.

I know you throw those prayers out there, and up there, and wonder if there heard.
 Wonder if they will be answered.
  You leave it all up to wonder, chance, and maybe's.

I sit back and think...
What if Jesus left me up for wonder for a "well maybe, or another time, another day."
"Maybe I'll take this cross for her?"
 "Hmm, let me think about it for a little while longer.?"

What are you going to do when your
 "Just a little while longer" runs out?

Once you have your career all set, 
your savings account well rounded up?
Your time all adjusted and organized, 
your family just so, the white picket fence?
 When my spouse is on board, my life in order, and just so?
Just then, maybe then, I'll think about all this God stuff.

I pray for you.
I pray it's not to late for you when that just so right time comes.

This place here, right now is not our home.
Our home is eternal heaven or eternal hell.
Oh and another thing
 this wonderful free will your given
 to take life and do what you want with it,
 your also given the free will to decide your eternal fate.

Yep you, the one in control, the one who has it all planned out right.
Yep you, who decides everything day in and day out. 
Go ahead and decide.
 Your eternal fate.

Turn from avoidance to acceptance

"For in just a little while, the Coming One will come and not delay.
Hebrews 10:37 NLT

Heaven and earth will disappear, but my words will never disappear.
"However, no one knows the day or hour when these things will happen, not even the angels in heaven or the Son himself. Only the Father knows.
 Matthew 24:35-36 NLT

 Additional reading:
 Proverbs 16, Luke 22:42. John 12:35

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Hello Croatia!

Growing up as a Jehovah's Witness, education was not of importance.

I knew that the Sunday Watchtower
the Tuesday evening bible study
 and Thursday evening meetings
 along with studying those materials
 were more important than getting my school work done.
? Priorities?
College was a unspoken word.
I do not have much memory of my elementary school days.
Coming from a background of abuse, much of my memory as been blotted out.
I attended high school only my second semester of my freshman year
 and the 1st semester of my sophomore year.
Home schooling back then was not like it is today.
In our home you taught yourself.
Figuring out that the answers were in the back of the book.... 
(shhh) really helped.
I had a few close friends in school.
Stacy, Kristy, and Kerry.
I remember Kristy doing my whole accounting class for me.
Cheating, I'm sorry to say... yes. 
(Psst. Thank you Kristy for getting me that A.)
Friendships were not allowed outside of the organization.
However these 3 were allowed.  Thank you Jesus!
Through them
 I could see life on the other side.

I do not know state capitals.
I struggle with the names of the continents.
I'm at a lost when it comes to countries.
Math, Spelling, Grammar, History,
I must be honest and say I struggle severely.

I do however know discipline.
I knew what it meant to be focused on my studies.
I hated bible studies back then.....I so love them now.
I knew how to prepare a talk and present it.
I knew how to conduct a bible study in someones home.
I knew how to tell you
 what you were doing was wrong.
That's called Judging.
Everything I was embarrassed about in my life
 everything I 
 wanted to be about in life I ran from. 

But now I study God's word because:
I like to.
I read God's word to be closer to Him.
I sit and read the bible,
 because I learn about the things of life
 and a Magnificent Mighty God!

I could wallow in self pity.
I could steep in resentment.
I could cry about how less valuable I am than others
 because of my lack of education.
I did for years.
 And if I'm totally honest,
 it creeps up from time to time, my lack of education.
It's not about looking back and taking the past with me.
  It means believing Genesis 50:20, 
and using what the enemy meant for evil and letting God make it good!
  For God's good and His glory!

Croatia I noticed that somebody from their has been reading this blog!
God has made this blog reach countries, I never knew exsisted!
I'm learning about you in Croatia!
  I love looking at the pictures on Google images.
I like saying the name Croatia! 
You in Croatia, know you are in my prayers.
  I hope to meet you some day!

Other places like Czech Republic, Bangladesh, Poland, the list is endless...

 God sees you. 
 God know's you.
 God hears your prayers and sees each tear that falls. 
 He is with you. Turn to Him.
And know I am here lifting each of you up in prayer.
Blessings to you dear one.

Psalm 56:8

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The First Born

I am terrible at remembering birthdays.
We didn't celebrate them, acknowledge them, or take time out for them.
Today is different.
Today is my oldest brothers birthday.
The first born son in the family.
I am reminded of this by my nephew his first born son.
Randy would be 54 today.

Have you ever been terrified of going back to a place that you deliberately ran from?
I ran hard and I ran fast
 as fast I could from being a Jehovah's Witness.
All to come back to a moment in time
 to share before a greater audience of Jehovah's Witnesses
 at my brother Randy's funeral 4 years ago.
There was great confusion in those moments.
A funeral that was going to be  performed in the traditional Jehovah's Witness setting.
But sons, and a daughter
 who wanted to honor their father
 in a way that would reflect authentic memories of their father
and not cultic facts.

I stepped up to the plate, to share on my nephew's and niece's behalf
about the life of their dad and my brother.
I stand at the plate again today
to honor their father and my brother.

We take things for granted
and then fall into regret when
the very thing we banked on falls short.

We assume all will go well
but we are never guaranteed tomorrow.

We put off for tomorrow
 what should rightfully be done today.

We think we have time
but time is not in our control.

Randy passed due to his deer stand not harnessed to the tree.
It was devastating, gut wrenching
when the news came across the phone line
 even harder to see it on the news.

Today as his son Randy Jr.
tends to a baby fawn because she is at a lost for her mother

I find joy in my heart knowing those giftings, those talents, those knowings
seeped down the blood line.
I don't know anyone who could do such a thing
 but he does!
Randy Jr. is living his dream, but also his daddy's dream
living in the wide expanse of God's creation.
Enjoying those manly things some men like to do
 Hunting, Fishing
Simply enjoying the great outdoors.
It's in their blood.

It's in how we were created.
Created in the image of God and his likeness.
He designed us with portions of himself.
Uniquely and intricately made.
He designed us with a purpose.
A purpose to find true life in Him.
It is when we do that, find life in Him
that is when we can truly
 look around
 and love
and enjoy
 the beautiful things of this earth. 

Father and Brother
 you left us many beautiful things
 to remember you by:
Your jokes
Your heart
Your work ethic-Extremely hardworking
Your love for the outdoors and wildlife.

We love you
 and miss you
 and honor you today!
Happy Birthday!

Genesis 1:27, Psalm 139:14 John 14:6

A Fish Out Of Water

As I was trying to decide which apples
 I was going to place in my bag
my peripheral vision
 brought attention that a man was doing the same, as I.
As I looked up and smiled
the smile I always smile with a new encounter
I recognized it was my uncle.
He is an elder at the Kingdom Hall in his congregation.

He didn't know where to look, where to turn.
He jetted off, not sure where to go.
I stayed the course. 
On to corn on the cob and
 over then to the bananas.
As I looked up from my shopping list, there he was again.
Walking to the left, no wait he went back to the right,
 turned around, went left, then side stepped right.
He was floundering like 
A Fish Out Of Water.
His head now down not sure which direction to head in.

In that moment I envisioned a large ocean.
 He (my uncle) saw me as a shark waiting to feed off the smaller fish, him.
Why that vision came, I do not know.
If anything I felt, sorry for him
 and I felt angry at the devil for deceiving my uncle all these years.

As I left the store and entered on to the highway
 I passed the Kingdom Hall
 I attended from birth to 18.
It was a Saturday morning, the parking lot was so full of cars
 with my mom's car being one in attendance.
I prayed;
 "Lord, Help them.  Lord help me to know how to pray.  My heart melts for all those lost,
 but feel SO angry at Satan because of his many lies.  Lord, help me know how to pray."
I was at a lost for words that Saturday morning.
 I  just didn't know how to pray.

Sharks are fierce, they are quick, they are strong.
If you know me I  am as weak as they come, strong through Christ.
Yes indeed!
But weak.
 So when I had the vision as myself as a shark, I was perplexed.

When it comes to you former Jehovah's Witness I am concerned daily for your sufferings, your misfortunes in life, what the enemy has dealt you.
I want to see you come to know, what I have come to know and believe.
A life with no condemnation. 
 A life of hope.
  A life spent in eternity with our Creator.
A life surrendered to the One who bowed down his life for us and our sins, Christ.

There is a gift waiting for you and I want you to open it, and discover it. 
 I want you to examine it, ask the questions. 
I want you to look at Him from every angle and every side.
  I want you to seek Him out, ask the crazy, difficult, confusing questions.

I don't want to see you floundering
 like A Fish Out Of Water anymore!

What is it you struggle with? 
 Are there certain doctrines that still trip you up and confuse you?
Is it the constant struggle of how you are treated by family or friends?
What fear is holding you back and keeping you from asking and searching out the real truth?
 I want you to come to a place of knowing that God can be everything you need in life.
I want you to start asking the tough questions.
I want you to be like what I discovered about Sharks!
Sharks are very good at adapting to new situations and environments which is why they have survived in the water for millions of years.

Sharks don’t roam all areas of the ocean as some people fear. While it is true that occasionally they are spotted in locations that they normally wouldn’t be it has to do with their needs. For example if something is wrong in their normal habitat such as severe pollution, an oil spill, or even a lack of food then they will search out other locations where they can reside.

However, many sharks live closer to the surface in order to find the sources of food they are after. 

Come with me and adapt to a new life, a new enviroment one with Christ Jesus.
Come survive for more than millions of years, come survive for all eternity.
Come with your need, something is wrong in your normal habitat, it is polluted with lies
and you are in need of food-the bread of life, and come and drink the living water of life.
Come up and out from the black hole of darkness and lies and come closer to the surface and get nourished, come into the light and a life with Christ.

Come and be a shark with me!

Philippians 4:13, Romans 8:1, 1 Peter 1:3, 1 John 5:13 John 4:13-14

Always remember I am here for you. To pray with you and for you.  I am here to help you see God's truth and break down the lies and build up truth in your life.
Always know you can contact me via e-mail or leave a comment.
If there is an old doctrinal issue that you want answered let me know and I will be more than happy to post a blog on that issue.

Blessings to you dear one.