The First Born

I am terrible at remembering birthdays.
We didn't celebrate them, acknowledge them, or take time out for them.
Today is different.
Today is my oldest brothers birthday.
The first born son in the family.
I am reminded of this by my nephew his first born son.
Randy would be 54 today.

Have you ever been terrified of going back to a place that you deliberately ran from?
I ran hard and I ran fast
 as fast I could from being a Jehovah's Witness.
All to come back to a moment in time
 to share before a greater audience of Jehovah's Witnesses
 at my brother Randy's funeral 4 years ago.
There was great confusion in those moments.
A funeral that was going to be  performed in the traditional Jehovah's Witness setting.
But sons, and a daughter
 who wanted to honor their father
 in a way that would reflect authentic memories of their father
and not cultic facts.

I stepped up to the plate, to share on my nephew's and niece's behalf
about the life of their dad and my brother.
I stand at the plate again today
to honor their father and my brother.

We take things for granted
and then fall into regret when
the very thing we banked on falls short.

We assume all will go well
but we are never guaranteed tomorrow.

We put off for tomorrow
 what should rightfully be done today.

We think we have time
but time is not in our control.

Randy passed due to his deer stand not harnessed to the tree.
It was devastating, gut wrenching
when the news came across the phone line
 even harder to see it on the news.

Today as his son Randy Jr.
tends to a baby fawn because she is at a lost for her mother

I find joy in my heart knowing those giftings, those talents, those knowings
seeped down the blood line.
I don't know anyone who could do such a thing
 but he does!
Randy Jr. is living his dream, but also his daddy's dream
living in the wide expanse of God's creation.
Enjoying those manly things some men like to do
 Hunting, Fishing
Simply enjoying the great outdoors.
It's in their blood.

It's in how we were created.
Created in the image of God and his likeness.
He designed us with portions of himself.
Uniquely and intricately made.
He designed us with a purpose.
A purpose to find true life in Him.
It is when we do that, find life in Him
that is when we can truly
 look around
 and love
and enjoy
 the beautiful things of this earth. 

Father and Brother
 you left us many beautiful things
 to remember you by:
Your jokes
Your heart
Your work ethic-Extremely hardworking
Your love for the outdoors and wildlife.

We love you
 and miss you
 and honor you today!
Happy Birthday!

Genesis 1:27, Psalm 139:14 John 14:6


  1. Absolute beauty! Thank You Aunt Missa!!!

  2. Well said, Melissa. And great pictures!