Birthdays x 2

My dad was born on Feb. 29 in a leap year.
However on his birth certificate,
his date of birth is indicated as Feb. 28, 1936.
Next year 2012 will be a leap year.
My dad would only be 19 years old.
In "regular" years,
he would be 75  years old, this coming up week.
We weren't a family who celebrated birthdays each year.
However, I do celebrate them now!
I would like this blog to be a tribute to my dad, for all the years we missed celebrating!

So in tribute to him, I want to look at the most important birthday on the calendar.
December 25th.

Which is it?
or Emmanuel,
or Jesus?  >All are correct

Immanuel-Hebrew  (Isaiah 7:14)
KJV- King James Version

-Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel

Old Testament *
Immanuel = "God with us" or "with us is God"
1) symbolic and prophetic name of the Messiah, the Christ, prophesying that He would be born of a virgin and would be 'God with us.'

Emmanuel-Greek (Matthew 1:23)
KJV- King James Version

-Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us. 

New Testament*
Emmanuel = "God with us"
1) the title applied to the Messiah, born of the virgin.

The actual day of Jesus' birth has been a topic of debate for many years.
This controversy can make us lose our focus.

Some people all together deny Jesus came.
Some because of not knowing the actual day, because it's not,
"in the box" they've created, say;
"We don't celebrate because we don't know the actual day, we don't celebrate, because of the "bad" birthday situations in the bible.  (Take a peek at the previous Birthday posting.)

I, however believe He was born.
He was birthed on a day by the virgin Mary.
I consider it an honor and privilege
to celebrate His day
each year on December 25th.


When I sit and consider His birthday I rejoice and celebrate.
There are so many things that blow my mind!

God came to me, to us, took on this, my, our sinful flesh, walked with us, dwelled with us, all so that I, you would be saved.

The foundation of the faith I proclaim and the core, the Rock I stand on.

He never stopped being God, and also became man.  God-Man with US.

Why? For me. For you.

How?  I don't know, it's beyond my comprehension.  By faith I believe.

It's a topic I revel in!

Every December, Christian or Non, some way or another recognize that December is 'THE MONTH" and there is a day, (the 25th) that  IS
"The Reason for The Season."
It's a miracle! One to ponder! One to Celebrate!

Look at his names again...

ImMANuel !
EmMANuel !
JesUS !


Happy Birthday Dad!
I miss you!
I love you!
I don't know what happens in those last seconds from, here on earth, and our time before You.
But I will always think of
the one man on the cross next to
JesUS,< = > GOD knew his heart.
"Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom."
Jesus answered him, "I tell you the truth , today you will be with me in paradise."

Luke 23: 42,43 NIV-New International Version- (emphasis added-) mine

My cry, my prayer:
Just call on His Name!

*References taken from


As I enter into this week I can't help but get excited!
Anaka will be turning 7, and Isaac 4!

When I was in kindergarten, I knew I was different.
I knew I was set apart from everyone else in the class.
I didn't wear the birthday crown, or get to pass out cupcakes.
My birthday is in August.
Which would be o.k., a good chance to get out of it.
But those precious teachers like to acknowledge
summer birthdays during the school year.
So as the excitement was going on...
I either took my place in the library, or in the SSR corner of the room.

I wanted to wear the crown!  I wanted to give treats! 

Why cant I? Why?       BECAUSE
"Pharaoh, the King, hung the chief baker on his Birthday!" 
and because
"King Herod on his Birthday had John the Baptist beheaded and his head was served on a platter!"
EWE! " I was 6."
I lied, and told my mom our class was having a treat day.
And, anyone who wanted, could bring a treat!
I brought the treats and said to my teacher,
"Can today be the day we do my birthday?"
"She Knew." 
She was the one, who had to send me out the room,
or put me in the SSR corner.
I was the kid with the "No Blood" on her yellow emergency card.
I was the one who didn't salute the flag.

But she let me!  I got to wear the crown for the day!
I gave out cupcakes!
Joy, sadness, excitement, me dying, big smile, and regret.
All in one! 

For a moment in time, I was able to be apart of them, and not set apart.

But the neighbor boy was in my classroom, and "He Knows."
So he told his mom.  His mom told my mom,  and then......... You don't want to know.
Missa (my nickname) "Jehovah's Witnesses know that Jehovah's word reports badly about birthday celebrations and so we shun them! Pagans celebrate birthdays!.
There are only "2" birthday celebrations in the bible and they are both bad, and... and..." 
O.k.. O.k., got it, got it already!

Genesis 40 (NIV New International Version)
So the cup-bearer and the chief baker were put in prison by Pharaoh, for some offense. There for, awaiting their punishment for something they did wrong, and they would eventually come face to face with Pharaoh, to see what there punishment, and future outcome would be.
vs.8 "We both had dreams," they answered, "but there is no one to interpret them." Then Joseph said to them, "Do not interpretations belong to God? Tell me your dreams." 
vs. 12"This is what it means," Joseph said to him. "The three branches are three days. 
vs. 18 "This is what it means," Joseph said. "The three baskets are three days. 

God gave the cup-bearer, and the chief baker these dreams.
God through Joesph gave the interpretation.
Three days which would then bring us to the day
of King Pharaoh's birthday.

In my opinion. Thinking about Pharaoh, and by just the way he ways.
I'm sure he had, people from the town gather to celebrate his big day!
Which is neither good nor bad.  Good people, and not so nice people, celebrate birthdays everyday.
The fact that Pharaoh was not a "nice" king is irrelevant to the fact, of a trial needing attention in the city. 
They were in there for some time according to verse 4.
Trials, whether the outcome was, good or bad were done throughout the year with birthdays not being an exception to the rule, as we see. 
Possibly more people would be coming out on the day of the King's birthday, and they would then see the outcome of the crime.  The people would then be reminded of what the King would and would not tolerate.

So.... after the trial, the cup-bearer would return to his position, obviously his crime fit punishment of prison time he had already served.
The chief baker's punishment would call for the punishment of death.

My conclusion. A birthday was being celebrated, and a trial took place that day!
Why? Because that was God's plan, for this to take place in 3 days.  

Hmm! "3 days later Jesus rose from the dead"-Similarities?.  That's another blog

We will all have our judgment day before Him.
Yours doesn't have to end in death like the chief baker.
There is by,
I celebrated my first birthday when I was 18! 
I get the joy of celebrating 7 birthdays alone,
each year just in my little family!

I get to celebrate Jesus birthday every December! 
A Happy Birthday in deed!
I'll expound on that next time, in tribute to my dad's birthday!

HaPpY bIrThDaY AnAkA & IsAac! Mommy loves you!

He is the one

> He is the One, who
was there when Eve took the bite, and said,
"How could you do such a thing?"
He is the One, who
made the rainbow.
 He is the One, who
appeared in the burning bush.
 He is the One, who
made a donkey talk.
 He is the One, who
said "Samuel, Samuel."
 He is the One, who
YOU should fear.

"Fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge.  Only fools despise wisdom and discipline.
Proverbs 1:7

>He is the One, who
is the designer of love.
 He is the One, who
urges us to turn from our ways and to Him.

>He is the One,
who was born of the virgin, Mary.
 He is the One,
who was tempted, but never gave in.
 He is the One,
who took off His heavenly crown, for a crown of thorns.
 He is the One, who
was and is rejected.
 He is the One, who
defeated death and rose.
 He is the One, who
came down and became flesh.
 He is the One, who
we need to believe in. that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life.
John 3:16
 He is the One, who
has a mansion, and has already prepared a room for YOU.
 He is the One, who
died for me and YOU, and said "It is finished."

 >He is the One, who
is coming back again.
 He is the One, who
takes our sins away and redeems us.
 He is the One, who
presents the opportunity for YOU to be with Him for eternity.
He wants to raise YOU up with Him.
 He is the One, who
your knee will bow to, and your tongue will confess to.

>He is the One, who
has streets of gold.

He is the One, who is waiting for YOU!  

Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name
under heaven given to men by which we MUST be saved.


>Genesis 3:6-8, Genesis 9:13,
Exodus 3:4, Numbers 22:28-30,
1 Samuel 3:10, Proverbs 1:7,

>Song of Solomon, Book of Jeremiah,

>Matthew 4, Matthew 27:29,
Luke 10:16, Luke 16,
John 1:14, John 3:16,
John 14:2, John 19:30,

>Acts 1:11,1 Corinthians 15:3,
Ephesians 2:6, Philippians 2:10-11,

>Revelation 21:21
>Acts. 4:12

What's in a name?

Today, if given the chance;
How would you introduce yourself to God?
What would you tell Him about yourself?

How would God introduce himself to you?
Have you ever allowed Him the opportunity to introduce himself to you?

You might be thinking,
"O.k. hypothetically, I'll play along."
No really! Not any hypotheticals.
How would you introduce yourself
to your Father in heaven?
The facts remain: we will come face to face with Him one day.

You could give an answer like my husband gave;
"I don't need to, He already knows me."
True! Very True!
Sure Honey,  take the easy way out!

But follow me for just some time.
You know I'm never quick!

Baby names-We buy books, we look on-line,
we ask people.
You search, and talk, and search, and talk,
and then you decide.
Then you search again and again and...
You have a name! Awe! Yes!

So you decided, then you think,
"Oh-no" will they call him this?"
"Oh they wouldn't shorten her name to that!
They better not!"
Great back to square one......
or you "put your foot down and say...
With a great big smile on your face
"No I'm _____ that's what Mommy and Daddy named me." And hope they get the "hint."

So really what's in a name?
My name Melissa, means "Bee." 
(Yes I know I'm always "buzzing" about something.) 

(As of today, if I were to leave you know, and go up to heaven and be with Him.)
I could introduce myself by saying;
"Hi, Lord, I'm Melissa, you know Bee.....
I'm a wife, 36, I have 5 kids, you know I liked baking, gardening, reading, researching.....
Come on let's get real! Let's be honest!
He already knows anyway.
Lord remember when I first went and talked to my Pastor and asked, 
"How do I pray?" "What do I call God, just God?"
"How do I address him?" "Do I have to use "Jehovah?" "What's the Proper name to use?"
"What if I call Him by the wrong name, will he even listen, will my prayer be heard?"

Well you know my Pastor, Pastor Jerry, and you know what he said.
He said, "Well how do your children address you?
How does your husband address you?
How do your friends address you?"
Well they call me Mom, Mommy.
My husband calls me Honey, or Sweat Heart. 
My friends call me Melissa, and sometimes they don't even use my name we just start talking. Sometimes people call me Michelle, and I still answer.
"So you don't reject them?" No.
"Do you respond?" Yes. 
"So no matter how your approached, you begin your conversation?"  Yep.
"All right, it's the same way with God.
Just talk to Him, that's all He wants.
He's always waiting for you.
He'll show you who He is."  
 "God here I am in prayer, not really sure what to call you. I believe your listening.
I have so many questions, like,
"What is your name? What do I call you? Who are you?" and...and...and...
(Time passes; I pray, I seek, I search, I learn and then I discover!)

You have so many names!
You revealed yourself to me!
You told me your name, who you are!

(Here are some of my findings-former JW's it's amazing!)
You are I AM:
..I AM WHO I AM- Exodus 3:14 (*NIV see below)
(hayah-to be, become, come to pass, exist, to happen

You are the Living God:
..My soul thirsts for God, for the living God.
... God('elohiym-the (true),for the living(chay-living, alive)God ('el- God, the one true God)

You are Jehovah: the LORD, Are the Most High...Psalm 83:18 
(Yĕhovah- the proper name of the one true God) 

You are Jehovah-You are Jesus!

I and the Father are one.
John 10:30
...Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father... John 14:9-11
...before Abraham was born, I am!John 8:58
(eimi-to be, to exist, to happen to be present)*Look Back at Exodus 3:14*

....that he was the Messiah.  Matt 16:20 NLT

 "I am the Alpha and the Omega," says the Lord God, "who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty."Revelation 1:8


(I am- eimi-to be, to exist, to happen, to be present) *Look Back at Exodus 3:14*
(alpha-First letter of Greek alphabet, Christ is the Alpha to indicate that he is the beginning and the end)
(omega-Ō-the last letter in the Greek alphabet, the last)
(the Lord -kyrios-about which he has power of deciding; master, lord) (this title is given to: God, the Messiah)*Look Back at Matthew 16:20*
(God-theos spoken of the only and true God)- *Look Back at Psalm 83:18*
(the Almighty-pantokratōr-the ruler of all, almighty:God)

I am the Living One... Revelation 1:18
(zaō-to live, breathe, be among the living) *Look Back at Psalm 42:2*

I didn't say it. 
He did!
But I must say I believe Him, All of Him!

Lord, I searched for you and I found you.
(Matthew and you will find...)

So now how would I introduce myself to God?
Now that I know Him...
Hi it's me. Not all of me because in blog world there isn't enough time.
But when I do see you there will be no time limits! Yes!
You know I was lost, and you found me.

I believe you are real.
Thank you for making me creative and spunky.
Thank you for making me a wife and mommy.
I am blessed!
I gave my life to you in the year 2004. The best thing I ever did!
I pretend to be a Pastry Chef.
I love the water. I want to go to Maine.
I want to seek the lost.
I don't want to fail you.
I make mistakes.
I yell at my kids.
My journey has had plenty of ups and downs, and oh so many crossroads.
Would I change some things, most definetly!
I'm sorry I lied. I'm sorry I stole. I'm sorry I abused alchol. I'm sorry I ____.
I'm sorry I _____. I'm sorry I_____. (Somethings are just between me and Him.)
I was all those things, and much much more! Please forgive me!
When I found you, I started to lose my anger, my fear, my rage, my bitterness.
I discovered there is unconditional love, I had compassion for others, I wanted to trust, I wanted to obey.
I once was mad that I was born into a Jehovah's Witness family, but now I'm thankful because it has made me the person I am today. Discovering Truth, discovering You.
They intended to harm me, but you intended it for good.
You are everything I imagined and more!

Lord, Thank you for showing me who you are!

I Love You!
I've finally  realized you've  always had your eye on me!
Little old me.
Thank you!
Yep that's what I'd say.

*All verses come from the NIV Bible-New International Version unless otherwise noted.


"No way!" 
"Not trying that!"
"Been there-done that!"
"Not doing that ever again!"
Trust, in the past,has gotten me no where.
Trust has been broken,
time and time again.
Believe me.
I've tested it.
I've tried it.
And found this to be true... 

(on my daily calendar)
= equals = BROKEN!

Then in August of 2004,
I put my trust in you Lord!
I was afraid!
I didn't WANT to!!
But I WANTED to!!!
Did I really want to put all my eggs in one basket?
I was always told never to do that.
But I did. I did it!
Oh, I did it? Oh no,Oh boy, what did I do?!?
Lord I remember when I first started to talk with you...
LORD, you know I've said this to you before, out of frustration, but can I say this one more time, for the sake that maybe someone out there might be able to relate?
"I'm sorry but your name Jehovah was the last name I wanted to use."

I didn't even know what name to call you by.
I was always told to call you by the name Jehovah, and that any other name would not do.  But I was angry with you, you were a mean God, a mean Jehovah in my life. You were the Jehovah who tore up my family, you were the Jehovah God with so many rules, you were the God I couldn't put enough hours in for, the God that made me miss Saturday morning cartoons. 
You, Jehovah always watching me, and waiting for me to slip up.
So you could send me to the grave, not even hell.
(Because I was taught, "There was no such thing as hell, because a loving God would never create such a place, and why would he send his creation (man) to such a place. Frankly it doesn't exist!")
No, you would send me to the grave.
Where I would be conscience of nothing.
(If you know me; me not knowing things, that is pure torture!)
(Hence, why I dig, search, and study so much.)
I know now there is a hell. It will be torturous,and there will be an awareness, a knowing.
(NIV-Matt.10:28, Matt. 23:15, Matt. 23:33,Luke 16:23)
Amongst many other verses.
I guess maybe I should of settled for the latter.
Sometimes I'd slip up just to see what you would do.
You never did anything to me, anything mean to me that is.
You were watching, and waiting for me..... To Wake Up!
(NIV-Romans 13:11, Revelations 3:3)
You didn't want to cause me harm.
(NIV-Genesis 50:20)
Man was fulfilling there role in that!

You were merciful.
(A word I've only come to discover only in these past 6 years.)

You were so merciful, in gently moving me away from what I'd known all my life. I see that now. Thank you!

I remembered my dream when I was about 11, when I saw you Jesus. 

Then the daunting thoughts came.
"Oh, no I can't use that name either, he's only a man, he's not God or any god for that matter, he won't hear you, your doing it all wrong!"
But I remember the dream like I had it last night.
You were reaching your hand out to me, and I had to jump across to the other half of this splitting "rock". If I didn't reach out and take your hand, I would slip and fall in that deep crevice and go to the grave.
I'm sorry it took me so long Lord, please forgive me.
I was afraid then, I was afraid 6 years ago.
But then I thought what do I have to lose?
I lost most of my family to their religion.
I would soon lose my precious family I have now. 
If I didn't stop my awful behaviors of control, manipulation, no trust in my husband, no respect for my husband, me a raging mom, and on and on and on.
I lost one family I didn't want to lose another.
I wanted to learn how to trust.
So I jumped to the other side of the Rock.
(NIV-Psalm 62:2, Psalm 71:3) 
And you know it's only been in the last 3-4 months, I let go of my mother's hand. (A hindrance and stronghold for me) and I grabbed on to you Jesus with both hands. 
(NIV-Psalms 144:2)  
Now the doubt, the worry, the anxiety came.
Tears poured out, That "weight" was lifted off.
There were tears that cried out;
"It is finished." 
(NIV-John 19:30)
Did that feeling of trust just come all at once? 
No. I can't say that it did.
But I can tell you that trust isn't a feeling for me anymore.
My Trust is in the character of my God.
My Trust is in "The Truth" of who He says He is.
Trust-Faith-and-Hope all go hand in hand for me now.
I have trust and assurance, based off of what God has revealed to me.
He reveals Himself to me in His Word, The Bible.
This trust thing, I've done it everyday, since.

And "One" huge thing God has revealed to me through His Word.
He has a name.
He has many names!
I first came to know Him as my Savior-Jesus.
(NIV-Luke 2:11)
I then came to know him as Immanuel.
(NIV-Matthew 1:23) "God with us."
Then, The Image of the Invisible God.
(NIV-Colossians 1:15,
and 2 Corinthians 4:4-6.)

Then I went to our church family camp that same year 2004, and I saw hanging on the wall a sign that read Jehovah.........
something.  I shut down! I was suffocating in this tunnel when I saw the name Jehovah AGAIN!
Oh,No!What am I doing? Everything I wanted to run away from came flooding back.
But then there and ever since there has been a whisper. 
"Wait."  "Learn."
"Let me show you who I AM."
(NIV-Exodus 3:6 compare Matthew 22:32, Exodus 3:14 and John 8:58)

I came to know Him as YAHWEH-RAPHA. (Hebrew)
Jehovah-יְהֹוָה Yĕhovah *
My Healer- רָפָא    rapha'! *
(NIV-Exodus 15:26)

* Jehovah = "the existing One"
1) the proper name of the one true God
1) to heal, make healthful 
 -Parallel Verse Referring to Jesus-
(NIV-1 Peter 2:24. his wounds you have been healed.
ἰάομαι iaomai (Greek) *

* 1) to cure, heal
2) to make whole
a) to free from errors and sins, to bring about (one's) salvation

I have to be honest, when it comes to trusting God, it is easier now than it was 6 years ago.  But I definitely have a long way to go.
(NIV-Psalm 91:2)  

I recently came across a card that listed several of God's names on the front of it.  I bought the card and put it in a frame on my mantel.  I look at it daily to remind me "ALL" my God is.

I've come to realize there is much more meaning in a name, than we realize.
As you come along this journey with me, I ask you to come back, and discover like I did, the many names of God.
Yes, there are more, many more!
So, "What's in a name?"..........
"Wait" and see.

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