As I enter into this week I can't help but get excited!
Anaka will be turning 7, and Isaac 4!

When I was in kindergarten, I knew I was different.
I knew I was set apart from everyone else in the class.
I didn't wear the birthday crown, or get to pass out cupcakes.
My birthday is in August.
Which would be o.k., a good chance to get out of it.
But those precious teachers like to acknowledge
summer birthdays during the school year.
So as the excitement was going on...
I either took my place in the library, or in the SSR corner of the room.

I wanted to wear the crown!  I wanted to give treats! 

Why cant I? Why?       BECAUSE
"Pharaoh, the King, hung the chief baker on his Birthday!" 
and because
"King Herod on his Birthday had John the Baptist beheaded and his head was served on a platter!"
EWE! " I was 6."
I lied, and told my mom our class was having a treat day.
And, anyone who wanted, could bring a treat!
I brought the treats and said to my teacher,
"Can today be the day we do my birthday?"
"She Knew." 
She was the one, who had to send me out the room,
or put me in the SSR corner.
I was the kid with the "No Blood" on her yellow emergency card.
I was the one who didn't salute the flag.

But she let me!  I got to wear the crown for the day!
I gave out cupcakes!
Joy, sadness, excitement, me dying, big smile, and regret.
All in one! 

For a moment in time, I was able to be apart of them, and not set apart.

But the neighbor boy was in my classroom, and "He Knows."
So he told his mom.  His mom told my mom,  and then......... You don't want to know.
Missa (my nickname) "Jehovah's Witnesses know that Jehovah's word reports badly about birthday celebrations and so we shun them! Pagans celebrate birthdays!.
There are only "2" birthday celebrations in the bible and they are both bad, and... and..." 
O.k.. O.k., got it, got it already!

Genesis 40 (NIV New International Version)
So the cup-bearer and the chief baker were put in prison by Pharaoh, for some offense. There for, awaiting their punishment for something they did wrong, and they would eventually come face to face with Pharaoh, to see what there punishment, and future outcome would be.
vs.8 "We both had dreams," they answered, "but there is no one to interpret them." Then Joseph said to them, "Do not interpretations belong to God? Tell me your dreams." 
vs. 12"This is what it means," Joseph said to him. "The three branches are three days. 
vs. 18 "This is what it means," Joseph said. "The three baskets are three days. 

God gave the cup-bearer, and the chief baker these dreams.
God through Joesph gave the interpretation.
Three days which would then bring us to the day
of King Pharaoh's birthday.

In my opinion. Thinking about Pharaoh, and by just the way he ways.
I'm sure he had, people from the town gather to celebrate his big day!
Which is neither good nor bad.  Good people, and not so nice people, celebrate birthdays everyday.
The fact that Pharaoh was not a "nice" king is irrelevant to the fact, of a trial needing attention in the city. 
They were in there for some time according to verse 4.
Trials, whether the outcome was, good or bad were done throughout the year with birthdays not being an exception to the rule, as we see. 
Possibly more people would be coming out on the day of the King's birthday, and they would then see the outcome of the crime.  The people would then be reminded of what the King would and would not tolerate.

So.... after the trial, the cup-bearer would return to his position, obviously his crime fit punishment of prison time he had already served.
The chief baker's punishment would call for the punishment of death.

My conclusion. A birthday was being celebrated, and a trial took place that day!
Why? Because that was God's plan, for this to take place in 3 days.  

Hmm! "3 days later Jesus rose from the dead"-Similarities?.  That's another blog

We will all have our judgment day before Him.
Yours doesn't have to end in death like the chief baker.
There is by,
I celebrated my first birthday when I was 18! 
I get the joy of celebrating 7 birthdays alone,
each year just in my little family!

I get to celebrate Jesus birthday every December! 
A Happy Birthday in deed!
I'll expound on that next time, in tribute to my dad's birthday!

HaPpY bIrThDaY AnAkA & IsAac! Mommy loves you!


  1. I'm sorry honey. I didn't know that you went through that as a child. That's sad.
    I love you!
    your hubby

  2. The most awesome birthday is the day you were born again. Celebrate that every day! We celebrate with you.

  3. Yes, Thank you Pastor Jerry! I will hang on to that. I love making New Memories!