What's in a name?

Today, if given the chance;
How would you introduce yourself to God?
What would you tell Him about yourself?

How would God introduce himself to you?
Have you ever allowed Him the opportunity to introduce himself to you?

You might be thinking,
"O.k. hypothetically, I'll play along."
No really! Not any hypotheticals.
How would you introduce yourself
to your Father in heaven?
The facts remain: we will come face to face with Him one day.

You could give an answer like my husband gave;
"I don't need to, He already knows me."
True! Very True!
Sure Honey,  take the easy way out!

But follow me for just some time.
You know I'm never quick!

Baby names-We buy books, we look on-line,
we ask people.
You search, and talk, and search, and talk,
and then you decide.
Then you search again and again and...
You have a name! Awe! Yes!

So you decided, then you think,
"Oh-no" will they call him this?"
"Oh they wouldn't shorten her name to that!
They better not!"
Great back to square one......
or you "put your foot down and say...
With a great big smile on your face
"No I'm _____ that's what Mommy and Daddy named me." And hope they get the "hint."

So really what's in a name?
My name Melissa, means "Bee." 
(Yes I know I'm always "buzzing" about something.) 

(As of today, if I were to leave you know, and go up to heaven and be with Him.)
I could introduce myself by saying;
"Hi, Lord, I'm Melissa, you know Bee.....
I'm a wife, 36, I have 5 kids, you know I liked baking, gardening, reading, researching.....
Come on let's get real! Let's be honest!
He already knows anyway.
Lord remember when I first went and talked to my Pastor and asked, 
"How do I pray?" "What do I call God, just God?"
"How do I address him?" "Do I have to use "Jehovah?" "What's the Proper name to use?"
"What if I call Him by the wrong name, will he even listen, will my prayer be heard?"

Well you know my Pastor, Pastor Jerry, and you know what he said.
He said, "Well how do your children address you?
How does your husband address you?
How do your friends address you?"
Well they call me Mom, Mommy.
My husband calls me Honey, or Sweat Heart. 
My friends call me Melissa, and sometimes they don't even use my name we just start talking. Sometimes people call me Michelle, and I still answer.
"So you don't reject them?" No.
"Do you respond?" Yes. 
"So no matter how your approached, you begin your conversation?"  Yep.
"All right, it's the same way with God.
Just talk to Him, that's all He wants.
He's always waiting for you.
He'll show you who He is."  
 "God here I am in prayer, not really sure what to call you. I believe your listening.
I have so many questions, like,
"What is your name? What do I call you? Who are you?" and...and...and...
(Time passes; I pray, I seek, I search, I learn and then I discover!)

You have so many names!
You revealed yourself to me!
You told me your name, who you are!

(Here are some of my findings-former JW's it's amazing!)
You are I AM:
..I AM WHO I AM- Exodus 3:14 (*NIV see below)
(hayah-to be, become, come to pass, exist, to happen

You are the Living God:
..My soul thirsts for God, for the living God.
... God('elohiym-the (true),for the living(chay-living, alive)God ('el- God, the one true God)

You are Jehovah:
...is the LORD, Are the Most High...Psalm 83:18 
(Yĕhovah- the proper name of the one true God) 

You are Jehovah-You are Jesus!

I and the Father are one.
John 10:30
...Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father... John 14:9-11
...before Abraham was born, I am!John 8:58
(eimi-to be, to exist, to happen to be present)*Look Back at Exodus 3:14*

....that he was the Messiah.  Matt 16:20 NLT

 "I am the Alpha and the Omega," says the Lord God, "who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty."Revelation 1:8


(I am- eimi-to be, to exist, to happen, to be present) *Look Back at Exodus 3:14*
(alpha-First letter of Greek alphabet, Christ is the Alpha to indicate that he is the beginning and the end)
(omega-Ō-the last letter in the Greek alphabet, the last)
(the Lord -kyrios-about which he has power of deciding; master, lord) (this title is given to: God, the Messiah)*Look Back at Matthew 16:20*
(God-theos spoken of the only and true God)- *Look Back at Psalm 83:18*
(the Almighty-pantokratōr-the ruler of all, almighty:God)

I am the Living One... Revelation 1:18
(zaō-to live, breathe, be among the living) *Look Back at Psalm 42:2*

I didn't say it. 
He did!
But I must say I believe Him, All of Him!

Lord, I searched for you and I found you.
(Matthew 7:7...seek and you will find...)

So now how would I introduce myself to God?
Now that I know Him...
Hi it's me. Not all of me because in blog world there isn't enough time.
But when I do see you there will be no time limits! Yes!
You know I was lost, and you found me.

I believe you are real.
Thank you for making me creative and spunky.
Thank you for making me a wife and mommy.
I am blessed!
I gave my life to you in the year 2004. The best thing I ever did!
I pretend to be a Pastry Chef.
I love the water. I want to go to Maine.
I want to seek the lost.
I don't want to fail you.
I make mistakes.
I yell at my kids.
My journey has had plenty of ups and downs, and oh so many crossroads.
Would I change some things, most definetly!
I'm sorry I lied. I'm sorry I stole. I'm sorry I abused alchol. I'm sorry I ____.
I'm sorry I _____. I'm sorry I_____. (Somethings are just between me and Him.)
I was all those things, and much much more! Please forgive me!
When I found you, I started to lose my anger, my fear, my rage, my bitterness.
I discovered there is unconditional love, I had compassion for others, I wanted to trust, I wanted to obey.
I once was mad that I was born into a Jehovah's Witness family, but now I'm thankful because it has made me the person I am today. Discovering Truth, discovering You.
They intended to harm me, but you intended it for good.
You are everything I imagined and more!

Lord, Thank you for showing me who you are!

I Love You!
I've finally  realized you've  always had your eye on me!
Little old me.
Thank you!
Yep that's what I'd say.

*All verses come from the NIV Bible-New International Version unless otherwise noted.

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