Path Of Peace

When you are perpetually looking at your past and focusing on 
every upset
every 'what if' 
every disappointment
you miss out on what today has to offer.
The day passes like sand sifted through your finger tips.

Today God has a path for you to take.
Will you choose to walk in it?

Today He wants to guide you?
Will you choose to follow Him?

Today God wants to rescue you?
Will you choose Him to save you?

God has designed a path for your life.
You are not a mistake.
You are not an accident.
Nothing is by chance.

Every twist, every turn, every wrench thrown your way
is a part of a greater plan.

Today God says to you:
I have great power and I will save you.
I have purchased your freedom.
I have saved you from your enemies all the ones who hate you.
I have told you your sins can be forgiven.

His plan is to show you that He is a God who is tender and caring.
His plan is to shine on 
the one who is living in darkness.
His plan is to guide your feet on the path of peace.
His plan for you is to be holy and godly as long as you live.
His plan for you child is to grow up and make your spirit strong!

Proverbs 8:20
Luke 1:69-80 NIRV

will I CHOOSE to be REactive or PRO active ?

Therefore, GET YOUR MINDS (and hearts)* READY FOR ACTION, being SELF-DISCIPLINED, and set your hope COMPLETELY ON THE GRACE TO BE BROUGHT TO YOU at the REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST.  As obedient children, DO NOT BE CONFORMED TO THE DESIRES OF YOUR FORMER IGNORANCE but, as the One who called you is holy, you also are to be holy in ALL YOUR CONDUCT; for it is written, Be holy, because I am holy.
1 Peter 1:13-16 HCSB

I need to think.

I need to Intentionally and Consciously 
STOP and think.

I need to choose to 
NOT be

I need to make a choice 
to be 

When I 
read something 
hear something
see something
when I become aware of something
 that is contradictory to the truth (my truth is God's word),

I can prepare myself in advance.

I will prepare myself in advance.

As I consciously and intentionally choose to pray
 I will ask the Holy Spirit 
to produce in me self-control 
so that I will maintain the action 
of being PROactive and not REactive.

When I pray 
I will seek God for wisdom and peace.
When I see or hear 
contradictions to His word 
I will trust 
the peace and wisdom 
that He will fill me with in that moment
because of the time I spent with Him in prayer. 

I trust He will be my strength in time of need.
I trust He will be the wisdom and peace that I need. 
I boldy went before the throne of grace 
and presented my request
and I trust and BELIEVE
that He will answer my prayer in my great time of need.

I will look to God and do 
His will and His purpose 

not only that Jesus Christ brought me 
on my day of salvation when I was ignorant,
but also to me in this very moment.

Galatians 5:23,  James 1:5, Hebrews 4:16, Psalms 138:3, Philippians 4:7
 * my additions