1 Additional Week Later

1 Additional Week Later is 3 of 3 conversations.

1 Hour Later
1 Week Later
1 Additional Week Later
following the blog written 15 Years Ago Today.

1 Additional Week Later
Sequence 3 of 3...

"In all my excitement after 
1 Hour Later
I immediately sat down to journal what
that moment had brought about."
Those were the words I penned back on November 6, 2013.

I can't say so much this time around.
It has been 5 months since writing 1 Hour Later.
It has been 3 months since writing 1 Week Later. 
And now it has been 9 months since November 2013, since I blogged 
15 Years Ago Today. 
(written in August of 2014...finally posting in September)

9 months +.
 Why has it taken me so long.
I could use many excuses.
I could say I'm busy raising a family of 5.
I could just say I've been busy
and I'm sure some of you would get that and understand 
and even have some empathy. Maybe ? Or not. That's o.k. too.
But if I went that direction
I would only be speaking those words with partial truth.
And if you've read my writings or know me 
partial truth has never sat well with me.

9 months.
I've had 5 children so 9 months is really nothing to me.

9 months.
Some say your pregnant 40 weeks which is really
10 months
so again that many months is really nothing to me.

9 months of being pregnant.
Your body goes through a lot changes.
I won't get into them.
One reason being
you probably know most of them
and if you don't 
I don't want to gross you out by any means.

It has taken me 
9 months 
to write this blog
I had to go through some things.

 I didn't know I had.

I didn't know how to respond to.

I didn't know were still there.

I didn't know I had.

I didn't know was there.

I didn't know I still needed.

So I say all that to say
God is always at work
giving us only what He knows we can handle
and helping us stretch and grow in such  
gracious and merciful ways.

So let's begin:

The specialty coffee was brewing and the pastries ready to serve.
My stomach turned and twisted inside of me 
all because by this time the Elders were 20 minutes past their scheduled time.

"Had they forgotten?"
"Did they purposely plan not to show?"
"Was this not part of God's plan?"
The many thoughts that went through my mind.

"Where was my peace?"
"God why do I not feel your peace?"
Then the vehicle pulled in the driveway.
It was ever so present.
It was ever so calming.
It was ever so God.

My husband (Mike) and I welcomed them in.
They made no eye contact and proceeded to take off their shoes.
They shook Mikes hand but not mine.

I introduced myself and Mike introduced himself
and we asked them to come in and sit down.
I offered coffee and pastries.
They refused.

They wanted to get right down to business.

"Why have you asked us here Melissa?"

"Well for a couple reasons." I proceeded.
"One, I wanted to address a topic that is mentioned in the tract that was left here a couple weeks ago, and to share a couple of scriptures with you."

"Well let me just start off by saying this", the Elder continued.
"Just like you and I defecate differently, so we are different when it comes to scripture."

"Excuse me, WHAT ?" I said perplexed.

"Just like you and I urinate differently, so we are different when it comes to scripture."

"I'm sorry I don't know what you are getting at!" 
I said with a great questioning look on my face.

Emotions I didn't know I had.

Mike jumps in and says
"Honey basically your not going to agree on the things you want to discuss."

"Well why on earth didn't you just say that Brother M-------?"
 Saying with great gumption.

"Melissa what is your point in having us here?"

"Well, I want to share some things with you that I have found in scripture through out the years."

"Not on my dime you won't."

"Excuse me?"

"Look Melissa if you are trying to share your points on the bible
 those things we will not discuss
now if you want to talk about coming back to the organization 
and what scripture has to say about that
 then we will gladly discuss those things in the bible with you."

"Well I will not be coming back
 I will not become a Jehovah's Witness again.
And regarding 1 Corinthians 5:10-13 the scripture you use to back up 
disfellowshipping a.k.a. shunning 
this is referring to people who have left following 
the true gospel of Jesus His truth and His ways
 and while I was one of Jehovah's Witnesses
 I was never taught the truth about who Jesus really was 
so there for, that scripture does not apply to me according to God's word, because I have just found out who Jesus really is, and the truth of who He is.
So technically I'm not disfellowshipped."

"Oh, how convenient for you now isn't it, in the way you interpret that scripture."

After 2 hours of scripture ping-pong
We stumbled
came to 
Matthew 18:15-16.
I shared with tears
how I knew even as a child and as a young teen
not to present my case 
based off of this scripture.
I knew the "Two Witness Rule."
I knew not to "Bring reproach on Jehovah's Organization."
I knew that "Perhaps Satan planted those thoughts in my mind and I wasn't serving Jehovah enough."
Even though my abusers were not within the congregation
I knew that my sexual abuse cases were hopeless cases.
For I knew what I would be told
and what I would be denied.
No reports made to authorities.
No action taken.
Leave it in Jehovah's hand. He will avenge in due time.
And a mother who said:
"Well you must of done something
 for them to do those things to you."

Hurts I didn't know were still there.

My fate living a life in shame.
As the final moments came winding down to a finish
 of those moments of my life
Tears were shed by both Elders
"I'm sorry's" were said.
Something I never expected to happen.

Realities I didn't know how to respond to.

As conversation went back and forth about my disfellowshipping at 18 and how matters were handled.
Yet more apologizes were given.
Sincerity. Yes. There was great sincerity in their voices and faces.

Realities I didn't know how to respond to.

As our conversation came to the final closing 20 minutes
  I explained 
who I am now
 a born again believer in Christ Jesus 
and that He is my Lord and Savior
 and that I wanted to share with them the hope that I have 
and how I have discovered that Jesus is truly God....

The Elder self-righteously interrupted 
"Are you asking me to say that Jesus is God?
If that is what you are trying to get at

I said, "Well you believe we will all stand before God one day, right?"


"And you believe we will all have to give an account for our life here on earth, right?"


"So what if by chance, I'm using my imagination here Brother M-------, what if God replays this very moment before our very eyes. Then what? What if today is your only day to be given the chance to accept Jesus."

Boldness I didn't know I had.


Compassion I didn't know was there,  for a people that in their minds
think I am of the enemy.

"Well thank you both for coming, I appreciate your time."

I was given both of their cell numbers to contact them in the future if I had any questions about returning to the organization or their doctrine.

came when analogies were given in such disgusting ways.

that this really was once my life and "God is using
what was intended to harm me and is making it for good 
all for the saving of many lives." Genesis 50:20

that I still felt on how my mother handled my abuse situations.

to speak scripture in truth and love and without compromise.
(My husband saying; "Honey I've never seen you flip through scripture like that and know just where to go. You were so bold. In all honesty after we closed the door, I turned to him first and asked "Did I even pull out my bible, I felt like I was all over the place.")

when they denied Christ 
I thought about their souls and my moms soul.
A heart, my heart broken in great compassion 
for a nation of people that don't even know they are lost.

another piece of healing came when they apologized 
on how the abuses in my life were handled in the organization.

comes from God.

is a Decision.

is a Choice
one you have to make.

is taking Responsibility for your Life.

Takes Time.

is Work.

is a long road but one we must NEVER stop walking.

"Don't Go It Alone."

takes Faith.

brings Soundness of Mind.

is Redemption.

is Complete in Jesus.

Healing is 

brings Compassion.

makes you Whole.

And I want you Whole.
And Jesus wants you Healed and Whole.