Hello Croatia!

Growing up as a Jehovah's Witness, education was not of importance.

I knew that the Sunday Watchtower
the Tuesday evening bible study
 and Thursday evening meetings
 along with studying those materials
 were more important than getting my school work done.
? Priorities?
College was a unspoken word.
I do not have much memory of my elementary school days.
Coming from a background of abuse, much of my memory as been blotted out.
I attended high school only my second semester of my freshman year
 and the 1st semester of my sophomore year.
Home schooling back then was not like it is today.
In our home you taught yourself.
Figuring out that the answers were in the back of the book.... 
(shhh) really helped.
I had a few close friends in school.
Stacy, Kristy, and Kerry.
I remember Kristy doing my whole accounting class for me.
Cheating, I'm sorry to say... yes. 
(Psst. Thank you Kristy for getting me that A.)
Friendships were not allowed outside of the organization.
However these 3 were allowed.  Thank you Jesus!
Through them
 I could see life on the other side.

I do not know state capitals.
I struggle with the names of the continents.
I'm at a lost when it comes to countries.
Math, Spelling, Grammar, History,
I must be honest and say I struggle severely.

I do however know discipline.
I knew what it meant to be focused on my studies.
I hated bible studies back then.....I so love them now.
I knew how to prepare a talk and present it.
I knew how to conduct a bible study in someones home.
I knew how to tell you
 what you were doing was wrong.
That's called Judging.
Everything I was embarrassed about in my life
 everything I 
 wanted to be about in life I ran from. 

But now I study God's word because:
I like to.
I read God's word to be closer to Him.
I sit and read the bible,
 because I learn about the things of life
 and a Magnificent Mighty God!

I could wallow in self pity.
I could steep in resentment.
I could cry about how less valuable I am than others
 because of my lack of education.
I did for years.
 And if I'm totally honest,
 it creeps up from time to time, my lack of education.
It's not about looking back and taking the past with me.
  It means believing Genesis 50:20, 
and using what the enemy meant for evil and letting God make it good!
  For God's good and His glory!

Croatia I noticed that somebody from their has been reading this blog!
God has made this blog reach countries, I never knew exsisted!
I'm learning about you in Croatia!
  I love looking at the pictures on Google images.
I like saying the name Croatia! 
You in Croatia, know you are in my prayers.
  I hope to meet you some day!

Other places like Czech Republic, Bangladesh, Poland, the list is endless...

 God sees you. 
 God know's you.
 God hears your prayers and sees each tear that falls. 
 He is with you. Turn to Him.
And know I am here lifting each of you up in prayer.
Blessings to you dear one.

Psalm 56:8

*Image(s) found on Google Images

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