A Fish Out Of Water

As I was trying to decide which apples
 I was going to place in my bag
my peripheral vision
 brought attention that a man was doing the same, as I.
As I looked up and smiled
the smile I always smile with a new encounter
I recognized it was my uncle.
He is an elder at the Kingdom Hall in his congregation.

He didn't know where to look, where to turn.
He jetted off, not sure where to go.
I stayed the course. 
On to corn on the cob and
 over then to the bananas.
As I looked up from my shopping list, there he was again.
Walking to the left, no wait he went back to the right,
 turned around, went left, then side stepped right.
He was floundering like 
A Fish Out Of Water.
His head now down not sure which direction to head in.

In that moment I envisioned a large ocean.
 He (my uncle) saw me as a shark waiting to feed off the smaller fish, him.
Why that vision came, I do not know.
If anything I felt, sorry for him
 and I felt angry at the devil for deceiving my uncle all these years.

As I left the store and entered on to the highway
 I passed the Kingdom Hall
 I attended from birth to 18.
It was a Saturday morning, the parking lot was so full of cars
 with my mom's car being one in attendance.
I prayed;
 "Lord, Help them.  Lord help me to know how to pray.  My heart melts for all those lost,
 but feel SO angry at Satan because of his many lies.  Lord, help me know how to pray."
I was at a lost for words that Saturday morning.
 I  just didn't know how to pray.

Sharks are fierce, they are quick, they are strong.
If you know me I  am as weak as they come, strong through Christ.
Yes indeed!
But weak.
 So when I had the vision as myself as a shark, I was perplexed.

When it comes to you former Jehovah's Witness I am concerned daily for your sufferings, your misfortunes in life, what the enemy has dealt you.
I want to see you come to know, what I have come to know and believe.
A life with no condemnation. 
 A life of hope.
  A life spent in eternity with our Creator.
A life surrendered to the One who bowed down his life for us and our sins, Christ.

There is a gift waiting for you and I want you to open it, and discover it. 
 I want you to examine it, ask the questions. 
I want you to look at Him from every angle and every side.
  I want you to seek Him out, ask the crazy, difficult, confusing questions.

I don't want to see you floundering
 like A Fish Out Of Water anymore!

What is it you struggle with? 
 Are there certain doctrines that still trip you up and confuse you?
Is it the constant struggle of how you are treated by family or friends?
What fear is holding you back and keeping you from asking and searching out the real truth?
 I want you to come to a place of knowing that God can be everything you need in life.
I want you to start asking the tough questions.
I want you to be like what I discovered about Sharks!
Sharks are very good at adapting to new situations and environments which is why they have survived in the water for millions of years.

Sharks don’t roam all areas of the ocean as some people fear. While it is true that occasionally they are spotted in locations that they normally wouldn’t be it has to do with their needs. For example if something is wrong in their normal habitat such as severe pollution, an oil spill, or even a lack of food then they will search out other locations where they can reside.

However, many sharks live closer to the surface in order to find the sources of food they are after. 

Come with me and adapt to a new life, a new enviroment one with Christ Jesus.
Come survive for more than millions of years, come survive for all eternity.
Come with your need, something is wrong in your normal habitat, it is polluted with lies
and you are in need of food-the bread of life, and come and drink the living water of life.
Come up and out from the black hole of darkness and lies and come closer to the surface and get nourished, come into the light and a life with Christ.

Come and be a shark with me!

Philippians 4:13, Romans 8:1, 1 Peter 1:3, 1 John 5:13 John 4:13-14

Always remember I am here for you. To pray with you and for you.  I am here to help you see God's truth and break down the lies and build up truth in your life.
Always know you can contact me via e-mail or leave a comment.
If there is an old doctrinal issue that you want answered let me know and I will be more than happy to post a blog on that issue.

Blessings to you dear one.

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