He Would Be Proud Of Me

As she circled around the skyscrapping evergreen trees
 with their cones shed, and the tips as soft as fur
she knew it was time to lay mulch.

  Their arms (branches) had grown long enough to hold hands.
  They had grown so large, time had passed so quickly.

Next she circled the free flowing willow tree. 

 The last tree her daddy planted in spring
 and when fall fell and came to pass, daddy passed too.
   She went and dug up that last tree planted by her daddy
 and placed it in her own yard as remembrance of him.
As she went under this weeping willow
 and the branches fell on her face
 to the top of her head
 and down her back
 she was weeping...
 and the words that rumbled like thunder were
"He would be proud of me." 
She said to herself
"Yes dad would be proud of me."

And then I wept.

  I looked up
 and my Heavenly Father said;
 "And yes I am very proud of you too."

My dad was an arborist all his life
 and he taught me much about trees.
  How to care for them, what to look for
and most of all to enjoy them. 
 What child doesn't love swinging
 from an old tire swing
 hanging from a century old willow tree.

I'm glad I dug up that tree
and planted it in the back yard of our home.
4 out of our 5 children
 my dad never had the chance to meet.
   I talk about him always
 and my children know him so well.
Even though they have never seen him
 touched him
or had verbal conversation with him.  
They know him. 
We call him Papa.

There's something about a parents love
a parents admiration, that warm approval.
A child knowing that their parent is proud of them.
I know dad would love all my kids, and I know he would be here often.

See dad was never one to show passing judgment.
He loved simply because you loved him.
He was a simple man.
He was a strong man enduring much!
Dad was never allowed to express his beliefs on life or God
so I don't think anyone every knew where he stood.

But I know now
 There is One
 far more simpler and complex, and all knowing.
There is One
 far more stronger, and endures with the utmost patience.
I know
 There is One
 who even if we can't express it, knows and sees our heart.
I know 
I have a Father who is proud of me
 and the choices I have made to come to know
 Him and His precious Son Jesus.
Even though just like my children who have never seen papa or touched him,
 I have never seen my Heavenly Father, or touched Him,
but I talk to Him
 and I hear him
 just like that day out under the willow tree.
 I know that my Father in Heaven loved me, even before I loved Him.

I am able to stand in strength and dignity today like never before
 and know
 that I had and earthly father who loved me, and would be proud of me.
And I have a Heavenly Father who is proud to call me daughter
 and I am elated 
to call Him daddy too.

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