Rummage Sale Bibles

 How many versions can one person have...
Of the bible?
I've purchased several on my own, and a few at rummage sales.
What do you do when your at a rummage sale
 and you venture over to the books for sale and
  as you pick up a few of those books and thumb through them, 
you set that book down, and your fingers now run across a bible?
A bible for sale at a rummage sale?
My most recent was a whole $1.00.
Some bibles find their way into the free box.

What do you do when you see a bible for sale at a rummage sale?
Do you walk in a different direction?
Walking in that direction acting like you didn't see it?
Do you look over at the person at the purchase table to see, to find yourself asking in your mind
"Hmm, do they know God?"
"Do they have some of the questions I may have?"
"Did they get answers, in that book? The bible."
"Why are they selling their bible?"
"Did they get a new one, an easier version to understand?"
"Are they selling their bible, and giving up on God?"

I never knew there were so many versions of the bible.
I grew up reading 
The New World Translation.
Written, published, and distributed by Jehovah Witnesses.
I was told; "any other version is false, never to be picked up, looked at or have in your home, 
 because what came with it, having it enter your home
would bring in demons and evil spirits.
All other bibles were written by man, and not the true word of God like
 The New World Translation."

 I have the
 The Message
 The Amplified
KJV Dake's Annotated Reference Bible Edition
KJV Precious Moments Edition 
 Prince of Peace Catholic Edition
 The Holy Bible S.S. Teacher's Edition,
and most recent purchased at a rummage sale
 the ESV.*

I have chosen to pour my heart, mind, soul, time, and energy into God's word.
  Dividing lies from the truth.
 I get exited when I take God's word and take it back to it's original Hebrew and Greek.
We lose some things in translation, but I have discovered what God's word is,
 it is "The Truth."

God's word is;
... living and active.
  Sharper than any double-edged sword, 
it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; 
it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.
Hebrews 4:12.

God's word in my home,
 in many different versions
 has brought into my home,
love, joy, peace, 
discernment, conviction, understanding, 
wisdom, knowledge,
 but most of all for me
The Truth.

Sure the enemy comes and he sends is workers out to distract me, confuse me, and lead me astray.
But with God's word in my heart, I can stand tall and stand firm on God's word, 
that which is truth.

The most profound discovery to me is the bible in the free box.
The greatest most costly gift ever to be given and received is free.
The gift of life, given, sacrificed, hung for me, and my sins.
But it is a choice. A thing I chose to do.
Do I take it or leave it, like that bible in the free box.

I took that gift, unwrapped it and discovered life.
A new life.
A true life.
A fulfilling life.
A life of forgiveness.
A life of love.
A life of hard times, but going through those hard times with a Mighty God.

And to think for me it was free, but for Him, Christ, it was and will be the highest price ever paid.
And He did it for me, He did it for you.
As he cried out and prayed not my will Father but yours.
Matthew 26:39

And not only do I have all these wonderful versions in my home,
I also have at any given time
 dozens of versions to read at my finger tips thanks to technology.
I love to see all the different versions laid out before me at
I also enjoy and

 Oh, but there's nothing like holding
 the true word of God in your hands,
and touching those delicate pages.

Find a version you connect with, and start reading.
Discover Life in and through Christ.

*NIV- New International Version, NKJV- New King James Version, KJV- King James Version
 NLT- New Living Translation, ESV-English Standard Version

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