How Do You Do It?

As a mother to Five
I get asked quite often
"How do you do it ?"

People are watching
People are looking
People are observing

What I do
day in and out
is "normal" to me.

I don't feel that
I do anything different
than what may be the "norm."

My "norm" growing up
was going door to door
witnessing to people
trying to tell them how they are on the wrong side.

The wrong side of how to do things.
The wrong side of life.
The wrong side of God.
That was the "norm" then.

I was use to being watched, observed, looked upon
For error
 how I'm not doing it
 "quite right."

So for me to think about people watching how I parent, or run my house 
"doing it all" shouldn't come as a surprise, but it does.

Is there something I'm not sharing?
Do I have a "Secret weapon in my back pocket?"
Is it "Top Secret and Confidential?"
Could I just "Let the cat out of the bag?"


But only this once...

This is what works for me
My Bible and My Coffee !


  1. The power of the Word and the Spirit. Amazing! By the way, that coffee looks awfully weak. A little blacker and you might get even more done. :)

  2. AMEN and AMEN! You're my hero and I'm so very proud of you! Love ya Sista!!