Sleepless Nights

As the pinks and purples rise in the east
 I blink and realize I am given one more day.

Each blink I blink
each stretch I take
 I am reminded of the night.
  The night I seem to have over and over
 but lately more recently.

Today is a day I don't have the strength.
The strength to process the night
 and forgive yet again.
If only they would see I still love them
and after nights like this
 wondering if I could ever be loved.

When all I've ever heard is that your not worth
 anything or enough.
Not enough to hang on to
not  enough to want to talk to me
not enough to do things with me.

Shunned for another year.
Those years have turned into a decade
 for some
 and with others two.

If they truly saw my heart
they would see the love I have for them
 is just a pinch
 of the kind of love
they have been searching for all their life.

 Yet I'm held at arms length.

The love I have and want to give
 will forever be there 
waiting to burst forth 
and spill over at just a look.
The words don't even have to be spoken. 
 I'll know by the look.

But I do find the strength.
The strength to get up.
The strength to forgive.
The strength to continue this path I'm on.

I'm not really sure
 how I finally ended up
 on the right side of the road this time.

 But I like it here.
In fact I love it here, and wouldn't trade it for anything.
A road where grace and mercy abound even in my weakest moments.

I will continue to stand
 and wave my white flag

and surrender
 to the only
 I know will win the battle for me.
 And when I can't
I know who I can call on to help continue the battle
with me.

I will stand until the sunsets yet again

 and pray that I will be granted one more day
 to continue what God has started in me.
The LORD our Banner.

Philippians 4:13
Exodus 17:8-16
Jeremiah 29:11
Philippians 1:6

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  1. And yes - YOU ARE LOVED!! He LOVES - you with an everlasting love that will NEVER fade or diminish! I LOVE you and always will!! Excellant words and thoughts!! XOXOX