"Although many people can contribute
 to the process of creating a significant purpose;
it is a child's parents that carry the greatest
potential for influence.
Dr. Tim Kimmel- Grace Based Parenting

As I sit yet again through the 10 week study of 
Grace Based Parenting.
(Yes my second time! I desperately need it!)
My thoughts turn toward not my parenting this time;
but toward the way my parents were with me
growing up.

Reflecting. Processing. Wondering.

"It is a child's parents that carry 
the greatest potential for influence."

I believe this statement.

Sure I could go down the laundry list of bads
 and not so goods.

However this time in my thinking, I reflect on the good.

First and foremost you must understand my mom.
Her thoughts
Her eyes
Her love
Her ears
are all veiled.

She does not know.

So as she sits in her winged back chair
and studies 
and underlines
and reads
and prays.

She does not know.

She does not know
 the severity of the loss.

She does only what she is told.

She does not know
What a Savior is
Who the Savior is.

She did the best she could, with what she has been told,
and sadly
with what she has forever believed in
the Jehovah Witness Organization.

She has studied over pages of magazines and books
for 45 + years now.

One thing she influenced me in
was reading the bible.
Even though what she is reading is false.

The principle of
The impact of
reading her bible daily
has been the biggest influence in my life.

So even today as this long journey continues and we are separated.
I can stand and give honor to my mom 
for the influence
that came from her.

And this also
She does not know.

So take the bad and let God make it for good.
Genesis 50:20

Honor your father and mother.
Ephesians 6:2

The Meaning of a Pink Rose:
Appreciation. "Thank you", Grace, Admiration

Thank you Mom.

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