We Will All Confess and Give Account

You deny Him now.
What makes you think 
when you are on your death bed
 you will cry out and accept Him then?
Do you really think
 it will easier then
 when your dying?

Why do you wait?
Why do you wait for the end?
 The most devastating time in your entire life.
Why do you say, I'll leave it up for chance?
 When quite frankly now 
your life is devastating to you.
You are dying a slow death even now.
   You live a life of confusion and pain
you're just hoping it will all go away
 like a puff of smoke in the air.

 Hope or chance
 you don't have either 
if you don't take a chance.
 Take a chance
 a step
 towards Christ this time around.

The only One who can save you
 and give you
 a true hope
 for the right now
   and a hope for the future.
 It's found only in Jesus
 He is your only Savior.

You look for more around every corner
search for something to pass the time
 always seeking to fill the void.
Why not give Christ a try, you've got nothing to lose.
  You've got everything to gain.

What is it?
 The unknown?
I get that!

I guarantee you
 The fear
it will be gone the moment you believe.
 The unknown
 will now be known.
 your almost there. 
Take a bow now, don't wait until it's to late.
You've filled your life 
with anything and everything 
you can possibly get your hands on.
You've been told over and over
 time and time again 
 you can't take it with you. 

Take Christ with you.

you want to try to convince me
 that it will be easier on that day 
when you come face to face with Him
 that it will be easier to accept Him.
You really have that much strength and confidence in yourself
to fall for that trick too?

What makes you think you can 
accept Him as Jehovah
 and not as LORD ALMIGHTY Jesus
 ruler and savior over all?
You're telling me
you get to pick and choose what Deity you like best?
You get to deny and accept what you want.
You know what, I guess you do.
You have been given free will
and you are exercising it
ever so self righteously.

Have you ever been in a court room and observed a judgment passed down
  and the consequence was in part just.
   Should the sentence have been more?
You got off, easier.
  Easier than the laws that are set.
God is a just God.
Judgement Day will come.

Why not hand it all over today. 
 sinful thing 
you are indeed guilty of
 and let Him
 forgive it and redeem it.

Don't wait for judgement day.
Let Him
 make it for good
now, today, and in the days ahead
for all eternity.

Watch, wait, look, and see
 what he can do with that heap of garbage.
He's known for making beauty from ashes.

I stand and live and breath
 that very truth
 that very miracle
 then drop to my knees 
in great thanksgiving
 because He is merciful and just.

We will all confess and give an account.
 Romans 14:11-12.

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  1. One of satan's greatest deceptions: "You have plenty of time. Don't worry about that now."