"Not for Us"

Do you remember reading through The Watchtower and Awake and when scripture was referenced;  being told
"But that's not for us."
Do the words
"Those verses were meant for bible times, not for today."
What about
"But we obey this, and follow that because it's in scripture."

It was always so confusing for me
 to remember
what parts of the bible were for me
and what parts weren't.
I remember my bible being more of a reference book
 that I went to on occasion.
I remember sitting at the dining room table
preparing my talks for Thursday nights.
I had all my concordances out
my Reasoning from the Scriptures book out
 studying those books, but never really looking into the bible.

Fast Forward 20 years..........

For the word of God is quick, and powerful...
When the scales fell from my eyes
and the veil was torn before me
God's word flooded me, it came quick.
It was so powerful it moved me
literally to my feet,
and to my knees.
As I went to an old copy of the Reasoning from the Scriptures book.
There it was.
All of it.
The re-wording, and the deleted words.
God's word came and pierced me, it divided everything I had ever known.

Sure the letters that Paul wrote to the Church in Corinth (the Corinthians)
 the Church of Ephesus (Ephesians).
Sure that's who he was writing to.
But God in his infinite being
was giving these words to ALL of us, for the past 2000 + years!
The Word of God is eternal!

"Sure Paul had his audience, but God had a whole lot bigger audience."*1

ALL the words in the bible are for me and for you!
Not a selected few.  We all have the right to know "The Truth."
See I cried out to the Lord, in my anguish and in my confusion and He
sent forth his Word and healed me.

"Trying to simplify the infinite? You will never have authority over the Word of God."*2

I can't believe there was a point in my life
 where I believed that I knew every single thing God knew, and what He meant.

 That I had authority to tell you;
"Just the way it is."
I had Jehovah figured out.
To a T.
Down to a science.
I was always ready for the ping pong game you would throw at me.

No more.
 Please forgive me for my arrogance.
Please forgive me once again for my self-righteousness.
Please forgive me for telling you "The Lie" and not "The Truth."

However today
 I know:
All authority is directed and given only by the Holy Spirit.

I know:
I am a child of God.

I know:

There is in store for me
a crown of righteousness which the Lord will award me, the righteous Judge.
Not man!

Let me ask you:

If "Not for Us?"
 If "Not for You?"
If "Not for Me?"
Then for who?

Believe His Word!

Hebrews 4:12  Psalm 107:20
Psalm 119:89  Isaiah 40:8  1 Peter 1:25
Romans 13:1  1 Thessalonians 5:5   2 Timothy 4:8

*1Quote-from Beth Moore
*2 Quote-from Beth Moore


  1. The attack on the Word of God is one of the biggest battles that Christians face. And it's one we can't escape. And it's one we must fight. And it's one we cannot lose if we don't give in and give up. Great post, Melissa.

  2. I will forever keep that posted in my book of remembrances as I press forward. Thank you for your wise words and encouragement. I am forever blessed by you.

  3. Such a good post Melissa...might be my favorite! Love you, friend!