Tears of Sadness Turned to Tears of Joy

Just around the corner, in a one month time span,
we will have celebrated
3 birthdays and remembered 
one very special birthday. 
Four birthdays in one month.
All wrapped up in beautiful
big blue and green eyes.
BIG  BIG hugs.
Rosy bashful cheeks.
Anticipation as high as Mount Everest.
A grand  total of 13 candles ALL blown out. 
Yeah! No boyfriends or girlfriends to speak of.
Colorful packages all in a row
and some wrapped in Festival bags.

 I had plenty of joyful tears fall this past month.

--Sadness--Why Me?--I'm different--
--Maybe--Why not them?--Someday--
--I wonder what it's like to celebrate?--
--Alone--What's wrong with me?--Tears--
--Regret--Why Me?--Rejected--
--Can we celebrate just one time?--

**Happy!**Really?**I'm the same!**
**Yes!**Is this really happening?**Today!**
**Is this for real, are we really celebrating**
                   **My Birthday!**
**Friends!**I'm going to be o.k.!**Tears**
**No Regrets**Yes Me!**Accepted**
**We get to celebrate every year from now on!**

+He Redeems+He Cries+ He Knows+
+He Restores+He Cares+ He Loves+

                +   Psalms 103:4   +
+ He redeemed my life from the pit +
+ crowns me with love and compassion. +
               +  Psalms 103:5   +
+He satisfied my desires with good things +
+that my youth was renewed like the eagle's.  +

+ I Praise my LORD, of heaven and earth! +

+ I Give thanks to the LORD, for what He has done in my life! +

Happy 7th Birthday Anaka!
Happy 4th Birthday Isaac!
Happy 2nd Birthday Landen!
Happy Birthday Dad I miss you!

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