He Knew

After another morning of hustle and bustle, kids off to school and some still asleep, I decided to crawl back in bed.
My firstborn born son slept with me last night.  As I cuddled up to him so many thoughts came rushing through my mind.
As fast as the thoughts rushed in, the emotions rushed into my heart, and the tears of sadness and joy began to fall from my face. 
My Father in heaven, He knew I'd have this moment. 
My mind began to think and marvel as I thought about Mary and Jesus.
I'm not sure what Jesus laid on when it was time for bed.  Was his bed separate from where his earthly mom and dad slept or did he cuddle in with mom and dad?
Did Mary sometimes move from their separate places to cuddle up to Jesus in the wee hours of the morning?
Jesus knew before He came how many times His mom would cuddle Him.
He knew He would exchange his streets of gold to sleep each night on the cold rugged ground.
He knew there would be moments when His Mom would hold Him and scold Him.
Jesus stayed back in Jerusalem while His parents were heading back home.
He knew it would be a few days, a day for them to realize He was missing and they would have to travel back to find him.  
Joesph taught Jesus the trade of carpentry. When Jesus used the nails to complete the projects with his father Joseph.
He knew. And continued on.
He knew he'd be rejected, mocked, and spit on. 
He knew he'd be flogged, to the point of no recognition.
He knew he'd be tempted.
He knew in the flesh He would be weak.
He knew He would need the strength from His Father in heaven.
My Father, your Father the Creator of heaven and earth.
He knew.
He knew He was coming for me and for you. He wanted to be a comfort to us, and dwell with us, and give us rest.
He knew I couldn't do it on my own, and how weak the flesh is.
He knew so He came.
He knows not all will come to Him. 
He knows everything there is nothing I can hide from him.
There is no where I can go, where He does not exist.
No mountain, no deep sea that I can go that He can’t find me. 
He knew and He didn't change His mind, He didn't turn back.

He knew.

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