Vicariously Through or Living for the First Time

Vicarious- /vīˈkerēəs/
Adjective: Experienced in the imagination through the feelings or actions of another person.
My sons 5th birthday party, celebrated with friends from school!
My daughters 1st sleep over with a friend from school!
My daughters Homecoming, her Junior Prom!
My daughters 2nd school dance!
My son playing and interacting with children at the "Y" and not with just church kids!
My sons and daughters going to church and not the Kingdom Hall!
How do I live these things?
Vicariously through them?
Living for the first time!
Am I imagining what it would of been like? or
Am I living the experience and taking it all in. 
Living in the moment, in the present time loving, cherishing, every moment.
Am I angry?  Am I hurt?  Am I disappointed?
Am I regretting?  Am I sad?
Am I living? Am I enjoying? Am I forgiving?
Am I happy?  Am I hopeful?
If I'm stuck and living in regret and disappointment, then I'm living in the past.
I can't even see what's ahead, let alone move.
Move forward?
I simply can't move forward, looking back.
Be in the moment. Live the moment. 
Experience the moment for the 1st time.
Smile, shed tears, feel the goosebumps.
Go ahead.
Feel the feelings.
No need to imagine! Live it! Live it to the fullest!
You have given your child a great gift. 
By you standing up and choosing different for them.
They don't have to imagine what life is like being different.
They get to enjoy the icing on the birthday cake.
They get to live the moments.

You have been given a great gift.
 By you standing up and choosing different for yourself.
You can have the power to forgive through Christ.
You get to enjoy the freedom that life has to offer through Christ.
You chose wisely, Precious One!
Start Living for the First Time! live is Christ...-Philippians 1:21

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  1. To not forgive the past is to turn your life over to the past. It's too big a price. When forgiving, we are saying, "The Best Is Yet To Come!". Great post, Melissa.