The Journey Continues

I asked him if he believed in God.
  He lifted his eyes toward me without understanding
 and said,
 "I have no such military order to believe.
  If I have an order I will believe."
-A Russian prisoner.
Tears ran down my cheeks.  I felt my heart torn in pieces.
  Here stood before me a man whose mind was dead, 
a man who had lost a great gift God has given to mankind-his individuality.
  He was a brainwashed tool in the hands of the Communists,
 ready to believe or not on an order.
  He could not think anymore on his own.
-Author Richard Wurmbrand Tortured for Christ
-Founder of The Voice of the Martyrs.

Have you ever felt mechanical? 
Felt you didn't know how to think,
 let alone think for yourself?
  What things have you answered out of fear,
 and not true belief, or even understanding?
  I remember sitting in the library a lot at school.
  Not because I was being bad or in trouble,
 but because I was different.
  I was told and I knew better, to exit the room,
 when it was Valentines Day, or someone's birthday, or the Christmas party,
 or the.... or the... or the.
 It was mechanical. It was normal, not different.
  I did what I was told.

Everything I do.
 Everything I read.
 The things I come across  in this journey called life  pelters down on me,
 to reach out, and share the truth, the gospel of Jesus Christ
 to all searching former Jehovah's Witnesses and any searching Jehovah's Witness.
  I pray for those that,
 I in my human thinking;
 "Think could never turn and walk away from the organization."
  "They will never leave, never look in a new direction,
 take the narrow road."
 Because in fact they believe whole heartidly they are on
 the narrow road.
I pray to the Lord of heaven and earth, to give me more compassion, to see those that I think are so hard to never change, to believe and see them like He does.  To say, "
they can change, they will change you did Melissa."
I don't know how else to reach you other than by the means of this blog.
I know God has a plan, and will make a way, more ways,
 and by more means to reach you, and others.
  I study, research, and pray yes for God to reveal truth to me,
and yes so that I may grow closer to Him.
 But I do it also for you.
 I do these things and share, because even though I don't know you personally,
 I know that; I know you, and you know me.
  I understand you, and you understand me.
There are days I don't want to get up,
 but I do because I think of you.
 I want to reach out to you, to let you know your not alone.
  You are not on this journey alone.
 That someday you will find joy in the journey. 
 That for to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain. Philippians 1:21 NIV

Richard Wurmbrand stated;
 "I would dedicate my life to these men, 
to give back their personalities and to give them faith in God and Christ."

I fully agree and my heart is right there with him.
  I would dedicate my life to you, men women, and children
 that are former Jehovah's Witness to give back to you your true identity.
  For you to discover who you are, and all that you were created to be.
To give you back
 your dignity
 your self-worth
 your purpose
 your value.
 A place.
A very valuable place in His kingdom.
  To help you find your way in this world and on this earth.
 To know that if you believe in Christ,
 you would never be or feel mindless again.
  That you would never be a willing subject to
 the subjection of the organization
 such scrutiny
 such rejection
 shunning and shame.
After you have had so many years to the subjection to
 the organization, the loss of family, 
the distrust that you feel, the questioning that you have. 
To perhaps cower
 when you hear the words Trinity, or Cross.
I understand that the process will be slow and take time. 
That's o.k. 
The joy of sharing Christ with you is just that. Joy!
I believe it is a piece of heaven right here on earth!
I know for you it may not feel like joy.  
I also have those same sad, and mixed feelings that you do.
 I know that their is a cost and a price to pay and that price is high.
  I know what your up against.
 I know what you risk at leaving behind.

When your ready, Christ is waiting with open arms to receive you and take you in.
You have to decide to receive Him.
And know that I will be here, praying for you.
My shoulder is here for you to cry on.

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  1. You are absolutely right, you are not on this journey alone.