Your Life is My Life

I know your story.
I've read it cover to cover.

I've gone to the index numerous of times. 
I've lived it from birth.
I know every day you try to shake it.
Shake it off.
That Tsunami that tripped me to my feet. I'm drenched in it.
I know you are to.

I see your scars.  I live with them to.  Each one tells a different story.  A story not many understand.
I do. I understand.
No matter how many times I wish it away or pray it away.
It's apart of me.

It no longer is my identity. 
Being raised as a Jehovah's Witness.

The reality.
It is a part of my life that will not change, but how I respond to it, that has changed.
See there were those who intended to harm me, but I see now, I know now, I believe now, God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.

My identity is in Christ.
Once you had no identity as a people; now you are God's people.

I was born a Jehovah's Witness.
I was born!
My life, your life.  My upbringing, your upbringing.
Was taught to us. Was dictated to us. Was defined for us.
In the beliefs, in the teachings, in the ways of a Jehovah Witness.
I was born!
An infant, created to know GOD, created in His image.
God the Creator of me. God the Creator of you.
God made me who I am. I am His masterpiece made anew...

I know you've been fighting against the current.
And if you let it, it will take you under again. And again.
But until, until you bring it to Him, Christ.
  Until you release all control over to Him, you will keep going under.
That current is way to strong for any one human being to handle.

There will come a day where He will wipe away every tear and He will calm every storm.

Destroy that old tattered book.

Start writing a new one.
I'm waiting to read the 1st chapter.
   May it begin with a rainbow.  The calm after the storm. The promise after the storm.

Beauty from Ashes.

Genesis 50:20 NIV, 1 Peter 2:10 NLT, Genesis 1:27 NIV,  
Ephesians 2:10a NLT, Revelation 21:4 NIV, Psalm 107:29 NLT,  Isaiah 61:3 NIV

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