Old Stomping Grounds

It was the place to go...
It was the place you wanted to get invited to...
To feel like you were part of the "In" crowd. 
It was every Thursday night after the meeting.
The pizza place up the street.

I went there the other night with my family.
As I walked in, walked up to the counter to place our pizza order,
I looked over my shoulder and who do I see, but one of the Elders from the Kingdom Hall.
Of course, right?! To be expected.
Back on that "artificial  turf." The Old Stomping Grounds.

For the first time my mind, my body didn't react.
When I looked into the eyes of a very high authoritative figure in my life for so long.
I didn't look down.    I didn't look away. 
I didn't feel ashamed.    I didn't feel intimidated.
I didn't feel judged.    I didn't feel rejected.

I knew in my heart. 
I had been Redeemed.
  I knew in my heart.
Christ is for me so who can be against me. 
I knew they rejected Christ before they ever rejected me.
  I knew in my heart, and in my mind.
I had my Armour on.
  I knew in my heart and in that moment.
 Victory was won. And how Christ won that for me.
  He fought for me. He died for me.

The moment over, now lost in time.

As my family and I settled in to our table, I looked over and my eyes connected with this little girl.
This little girl was with the Elder.
I saw my old friend Dawn in her eyes.
I was looking into the eyes of Dawn's little girl.
Tears welled up.
I never got to say good-bye to Dawn.
When I left "the truth" or when she passed.
Dawn passed away at a very young age she was in need of a liver transplant.
From what I was told
"She was not granted one. Because of her parents beliefs."

When your in a place where you have left "the truth", but you have not found the real truth Christ,
you sit in limbo , you wonder, you search, and then for Dawn a critical time came in her life and decisions had to be made.
When your in a place like that you may tend to stick to what you know.  You may think maybe it is "the truth" and you may not have enough courage to make a decision for yourself. 
So then liberty is taken and a decision is made for you.

I called in those last days of Dawn's life and requested to see her.  I was told "Perhaps if we can get Dawn outside you can talk with her in your car."
See I'm disfellowshiped. So I am not allowed in a Jehovah's Witness home.
I know many of you reading this understand this all to well.
I waited about a week, called back and made another request to see Dawn.  It was denied. 
Dawn and I played house together, went camping together, played on the swings together, had many sleep overs. As it is called today. She was one of my BFF's when were little.

Now back to the pizza place.
I had a choice to make. I could respect and not go over and say anything to Dawn's step-dad.
 I know my place. I know the guidelines. I know the consequences. 
I could do what my heart was telling me.

See there was another man at the table with this little girl.
Was it-this little girls daddy?
Was it-the person Dawn loved and had a child with?
Moments went by and I was taken in by this little girl.
  She held eye contact with me.
Grandpa got up, Dawn's step dad the Elder. 
The thoughts:
Should I go over now and introduce myself. " Now's my chance." 
I heard the little girl say to this other man
"Daddy look at my picture." 
It was her daddy!  A pre-arranged visit?
I don't know. I waited.

My family and I enjoyed our pizza, played games, but as we were getting ready to leave I felt so impressed to go over to say something to this little girl. She is all of maybe 4 or 5.  All I wanted to say to her was, " I knew your mommy, we use to be friends, and play together."

So I did.
 I went up shook the elders hand.
Disappointement in his eyes when I told him who I was, perhaps. Anger, perhaps.
The chance to say what my heart was telling me.
The expression, the emotion, the moment.  Was all worth it!
Would I do it again. Put myself in a position of possible scornful words, rejection and humiliations?
Like my husband said; "What do you have to lose?" He's right.
 I have Christ.
  And maybe someday I can share the hope of Christ with Dawn's little girl and her daddy.
They need to hear and know The Truth.
That is why I'm here to share it with you also.
He died for me and He died for you.
So that we may be forgiven. So that we may be redeemed.
We have an inheritance in Heaven.

It's time for The Truth to be told.

Matthew 10:22, John 15:18, Romans 8:31, Ephesians 1:7, 
Ephesians 6:10-18, 1 Peter 3:18 , 1 Peter 1:4


  1. Brought tears to my eyes. So blessed to have you as my friend. You have an amazing testimony!

    1. Praying for that little girl. No accidents in God's Kingdom. We believe. All things are possible to those who believe. I know you do, Melissa. Blessings!