Merry Christmas

Do you still hesitate?
Did you think twice this Christmas?
Do you wish your family understood?
Rejoice this Christmas that you do!

Are you feeling like you can't move forward?
You can't if you're always looking backwards!

When someone wishes you a Merry Christmas, do you say it back, or do you still say "Thank you", or simply nod your head look away, and move on?

Do you still try to make up for Christmas's lost?  Like a child who is trying desperately to fill a void, to make up for, to compensate for something, something lost.  Are you like a little child waiting for someone to just hear you, to just see you, to just understand. 

Is Christmas costing you to much financially and you joke,
"Maybe this year I should be a Jehovah's Witness!" LOL

Do you still find it hard to step into a church, but you really want to hear the TRUE Christmas Story?
Go and Step in!

Do you find yourself saying "I believe!"
But only in the magic of Santa, Reindeer, and cookies?

Do you want to Believe?
Does the name Jesus still stump you?
Does the name Jehovah make you want to run?
He came in the most humble of ways born in manager.
He is Jesus, He is Jehovah, He is I AM!


Don't you just love it when it snows on Christmas...

Don't you just love to see your kids and grand-kids
opening Christmas presents...

Don't you just love Christmas candy...

Don't you just love that you can celebrate Christmas this year!
I love that you can too!


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