Riverview Drive & Creek Crest Lane

I was created in God’s image.  You were created in God’s image. 
We were created in God’s image!  I have life.  I have breath. 
I have all things because He Himself gave it to me! 
He gave you life and breath. 
Are you living life? Breathing and taking it all in? 
(Genesis 1:26-27)

Before time began before the foundations were laid God determined the appointed time. 
The year 2000. Riverview Drive would be my home for 16 years. 
He set the boundary of where I would live and breathe and do life. 
It would be in the boundaries of Riverview Drive and Creek Crest Lane.  
(Acts 17:25-28)

Why? Why God did you place me there? 
Way out there in the country! 
Over the river and through the woods!

I placed a light on Creek Crest Lane, so that they (you Melissa) might seek (Me) God, 
and perhaps they (you, Melissa) might reach out and find Him (Me).   
(Matthew 5:14-16, Acts 17:25-28)

Oh boy did I seek! I reached out! 
I found the way, the truth, and the life 
in the boundaries of Riverview Drive and Creek Crest Lane! 
(John 14:6)

It is because of Him that I live and move and exist! 
(Acts 17:28)

Might. Perhaps. Reach.

I pray today might be the day you seek.  
I pray today perhaps you reach out. 
For when you do, you will know the Way.  
You will finally find Truth! 
You will live life taking it all in for all that it is and all that He has for you! 
(Acts 17:27)

He is not far from each one of us. 

(Acts 17:27)

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