New Year Challenge-Discover Who You Are...

I'm 38 years old.
Most women don't like to share their age
I on the other hand, don't have any qualms about it.
Maybe that will change once I turn 40 or 50
but for now
I feel like I've just begun to live these past 8 years.

As I discover more about myself
my likes, my dislikes
what brings me up and what takes me down
I get more familiar with
me, myself, and I.

One thing I have made an observation about
 is that if you were born and raised as a Jehovah's Witness
things for you are slightly different
then if you entered the organization as an adult.

When entering the organization as an adult
you entered with a free-open mind.
You fell into a trap
were mislead for a time
but were able to make
 and begin the process
of breaking through the trap to that place of being free once again.
Able to adapt back into "the real world."

Being born and raised as a Jehovah's Witness
you are conditioned from infancy on.
How you acted
was normal
inside the organization.
A place where things are decided for you and
you learn to not question
and you always go with the flow.
Making decisions do not always come easy.
Adapting in "the real word" is different.
 It's a whole new world.
Language, lingo, academics, jokes, every day banter
 in "the real word"
is foreign when you come out of the organization.

When you come from a mind controlling background
 there comes a day when you question
Who am I?

Freedom can seem overwhelming.
Sometimes that freedom takes you further than you ever thought you'd go.

When most people have had a lifetime
 to develop social skills
voice their opinion-admitting likes and dislikes
practice the 1st amendment-freedom of speech
these everyday normal ways of life
  can sometimes feel like a daunting task and may pose to be a challenge.

I want to challenge you in this
New Year.

Discover who you are.
Begin to admit your likes and dislikes.
Ask God who He made you to be.

Here's a little bit of what God spoke to me when I began my self discovery 8 years ago.

"You know who you are
You are the girl
 who had her room painted pink and still love pink.

You are the girl
who loved to swing on the tire swing under the willow tree.

You are the girl
who was every bit girly girl
and every bit tom boy because of all those brothers.
You are the girl 
who loves to give special gifts.
You are that girl
who is loyal to the bitter end.
Just be who I created you to be."

What is holding you back from discovering who you truly are?

If there's something or someone you need to go see-Then Go.

If you need to just go discover the forgotten-Then Go.

If it's starting a whole new beginning-Then Go.

But go with the Love that is stirring within you this very moment.

38 years ago there was a love that brought me into this world
every new direction
every new discovery
every new step I take
where ever I go off too...
 I make sure I take that same Love with me.
Christ the Creator of my beginning.

The miracle isn't the life I missed.
It's the life I got.

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